The Wiggly Tower

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Hi Newgrounds, I've missed you, even though the most of you probably don't know me anymore, perhaps, never have known me.

These past few years, I've been working on animations, although not in Flash format. I entered an art college, and I'm currently in my second year. There, I animate on plain paper with lightboxes and stuff.


The background of the movie is that the theme park got closed for some reason. An accident happened (the Wiggly Tower broke) and people died. As a closure, the panda (he was a mascotte of the park, and treats the park as his home), wanted to pay a hommage to the deceased. He puts effort into winning the price, treat it like a human and try to spend some quality time with it. In the end, when the day is over, he puts the doll into those chalk lines, one doll for every person who died.

It's really not clear in this movie, but for some reason, I wanted it to be a bit mysterious, as it is something that only I need to understand, and others don't necessarily have to.

Anyway, enough with the reading, go watch the freaking movie.

PS.: I'm too lazy to translate the few sentences that appeared in my movie, if you wonder what "Weifeltoren" means, it means something like "a wiggly tower" in Dutch, a wordplay on the Eiffel Tower.

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I honestly didn't know what was happening until AFTER the movie ended, when I read the description. I loved the animation, but I didn't see any chalk lines on the ground, so I just thought he was winning toys to take around the park and then lay it down as if to say, "You're done. On to the next."

We ought to have more Flash films like this. Great job, dude! Keep up the good work. :D

Excellent movie, love the watercolor style

The animation has the right amount of smoothness to it, but I am not a deep man. At least, not deep enough to feel a greater meaning. Develop a better background for a flash, and you could go places.

I really like it but how do you make movies with water color? Render it? 5/5 :)
Nice spookyness, I understand that this was more just for you to know then for me to know but thanks.

DJJ-asshole responds:

Haha, don't look for so complicated techniques, I just did it by hand. Drew it with pencil, coloured it with a brush and scanned it into my computer. It's made with very traditional techniques.

I like this flash, its a bit creepy, but I lick it.

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Jun 23, 2012
1:45 PM EDT
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