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Reviews for "The Wiggly Tower"

I really liked this. The art work (which looks like a water pain style) is a unique kind of art style. The animation was also a cool and not very often used style. It also had a very creepy feel, which is really awesome. I really like this and I wish to see more of your submitions. :)

DJJ-asshole responds:

Guess what, it WAS water painting ;-). Thank you for the review.

I am not a huge fan of this style of animation. I prefer more of the cartoony animation. Even so, I can still say that your animation needs work. It wasn't very smooth and in some places was more reminiscent to flipping pages in a notebook rather than a video. As for the story, if you don't understand it, and you don't expect others to understand it why would you put it out. Although some people like the completely abstract thing, it isn't going to be very memorable unless it makes sense on some level.

DJJ-asshole responds:

The quality of the animation is not defined by how many keyframes you put into it. Sure, it makes the animation more fluid, but not better quality-wise. It was animated on threes, meaning that I used 8 keyframes a second. About the reason why I put it up here: I did it out because I want people to enjoy it, but people need to understand that I don't want to make an epic story of any sorts, so people shouldn't expect that either. I find it very weird that you define what's memorable or not, and I think that's not up to you. Some people enjoy concrete stories, some more abstract.

Thanks for your review.

However, if you meant the video quality, it's because I had to convert a large AVI file to an SWF file. It used to be 4 gb big, but if you watch it on Youtube, you can see the original video quality. I'll try to think of a way to improve the video quality.

Love it! Looks really good. I would appreciate if you could write something about the stroy or the message though, cause i don't understand it..

DJJ-asshole responds:

The background of the movie is that the theme park got closed for some reason. An accident happened (the Wiggly Tower broke) and people died. As a closure, the panda (he was a mascotte of the park, and treats the park as his home), wanted to pay a hommage to the deceased. He puts effort into winning the price, treat it like a human and try to spend some quality time with it. In the end, when the day is over, he puts the doll into those chalk lines, one doll for every person who died.

It's really not clear in this movie, but for some reason, I wanted it to be a bit mysterious, as it is something that only I need to understand, and others don't necessarily have to.

It's creative, weird, poetic and melancolic.

The animation could be better though.

Well, the atmospere is good... i like it. (neeeeeed a morrrre fluiiiiid animation pleaaaaaaaaase)

DJJ-asshole responds:

What do you mean with fluid animation? I animated on threes, which means I used 8 keyframes a second. That explains the slow movements, but it's certainly not bad, in fact, it's one of my best animation yet.

Thanks for the review though.

I think the story is a bit creepy and sad, because the main character play on the theme park with a corpse (or human sized doll). About the animation, I think quite artistic