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Tactics Map Designer

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Edit: No longer works - it's somewhat-normal. It will be back up in a shinier version after the Tactics beta is out

Username: test
Password: test


1.2 - this was not supposed to be released, as it's still in development.
Otherwise, major and minor bug fixes, speed increase, minimap, etc...
still quite a few bugs (and some that popped up) - we'll get them fixed ASAP



W, A, S, and D keys (and arrow keys) move the map around. You can also click and drag the map if no tile is selected.

F key for fringe tiles
G key for ground tiles
B key for block tiles
T key for warp (teleport) tiles

Fringe tiles go on top of ground tiles.
Players cannot walk on block tiles or empty ground tiles.
Warp tiles (or teleport tiles) teleport a player to a specified map, x, and y location when stepped on.
Click on a warp tile to set a destination.

Esc clears the current tile selection
You may also use Ctrl+S to save
You may also use Ctrl+A to fill


Useful notes:

Ground, fringe, block, and warp tiles are all separate entities. You can have all four types on one tile if you wish.
Be cautious of the server's latency. It may take a second or two to load or save the map.
Players will not see grid lines, "B"s, or "W"s
You can view maps around the map you are on, but you can only edit the map you are on
Save and save often!


How the maps work:

Each map is a 18x13 set of 32pixel x 32pixel tiles (this fills the screen with a half-tile buffer) - Each player loads a 3x3 set of maps: the map that they are on and the maps around that map. Here's a "visual" example:


the player is on map 2, 2 (in the center of the map grid) - once they move off map 2, 2 flash gets new maps from the server and reloads the player's map accordingly. The ultimate effect is a "seamless" world.

ie. if the player moves to map 2, 3 the map grid would then look like this:


the player will still be on the center map.


Other Notes:

Almost all sounds have been re-sampled to increase download speeds

the GT team will hand-pick our favorite maps and use them in Tactics :)

We used all of the tiles from the tile sets that we downloaded. If you have any suggestions for new tiles, please tell us!

Be kind! Do not change or destroy another person's map.
Also, as this is in beta, bug reports are welcome

Enjoy, and as always constructive criticism is both welcomed and always taken into account

Oh, and yes, that is an Edgar Allan Poe reference

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You get no stars for no game. GET RID OF THIS TROLLING HORSESHIT!

is this a troll game?


"Cannot Connect to server"?! What the hell?

It's cool!! But little bit boring.

egg82 responds:

Thanks for the review :)

and we agree - it's a bit boring. Though it's not exactly supposed to be a "fun game" - more of a tool for developers to create the world for tactics