Super Mario RPG - World Map

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Another loop! From Super Mario RPG. http://zombie.blackzero.net

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nothing else to be said

good song

Mario RPG man i just wish someone would still make it for just 3 more month.o well. good song though.


I love Super Mario RPG...I really miss that game. To bad the emulators tend to screw up the sound effects. Anyway, great song :) A great enhancement of what I think is one of the best songs in the whole game. Midas River being my favorite. Keep up the good work.


I thought your Nimbus Land remix was going to be your greatest. Between this and the Nimbus remix, it's hard to tell which is better.

ZombiePosessor responds:

lol, as long as you like them, I don't care which one you like the best, as long as you listen to em ;)

lies ><

nah im kidding really awsome song i own this game as well I beatit long time ago still get bored enough to play it once in a while...

well anyways in regards to the last guy
i think u could pull it off zombie..besides u used a bit of techno in IceCap Zone Act 2 if it wasnt then use what ever it was for that song in smithy's battle theme if u plan to try it out

this songs awsome even if its just a real small loop

rock on