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Author Comments

-Please Adjust Quality To Avoid Out of Place Sound-
A mysterious masked individual discovers new technology that allows him to posses new abilities and discoveries.

An original short Dark Thriller.
Made for NATA Open Round and as an Experimental Flash.

Portrayed in a very unique style.

3D Sculpted Models and Scenes created Using 3D Software then textured with Image Editing Software and blended together with Animation Software effects.

Music By HonorOfStyle

List of Tools Used:
Sculptris - Character Design
Wings3D - Scene Creation
Photoshop - Textures and Editing
Flash - Animation , Graphic Blending, and Effects

Thank You.


Not very good, but the Music is the best.

DimanaTech responds:

The entire story was developed around the themes selected.
In other words, it was the music that shaped the story.
Real facts and information I researched also led to the development of this story and of real discoveries.

I feel that this could use a lot of work if you were to keep it going.

I noticed that the graphics seemed to be in bitmap format giving it that old style look as if playing an older game or something along those lines where the backgrounds would like like that while exploring. Also kind of makes me think of Resident Evil 2 and 3 backgrounds.

The choice in audio was great to fit with this. Then came the voice which sadly was completely monotone and which made the flash fall flat on delivery of what you were trying to convey.

The huge problem with this flash is even with lower quality to make it faster the audio and voice are quick to desync with the animation itself. I noticed past the first line delivered that the screen kept scrolling and the second screen was almost over before the next line came and going a little further in the audio and video go rather out of sync with the audio ending way before the video does.

I would suggest watching the flash yourself and seeing if changes need to be done. Either choose a longer song and speak without being monotone or speed up how quickly each area or scene is being shown to prevent it from going out of sync, that was pretty much the only thing ruining it for me.

Overall, while the backgrounds and such are nice, the audio desyncs after a few seconds.

Review Request Club

DimanaTech responds:

Thank you for your review. It helps me understand how the style works and doesn't.
With your help I can deliver better projects in the future that people can enjoy.

I understand this has desync problems due to the techniques used including bitmap of the 3D models which could use a bit of CPU and RAM power. This is something that I am now aware of may have to transform such type animation done in this style into movie files instead.
Thank you for your review.

Rather misses the point of NATA - Newgrounds Annual Tournament of Animation, when you don't so much animate, as move things around within the scene. The story is told in the most boring voice possible and the subtitles fell so far out of sync with the spoken word, I had trouble deciphering the plot.

Seriously, this is something to drop the animation on and write the script for - let the writers of this community have a look, before de-constructing it a little, assisting you with plot exposition and then you come back and have another crack at the animation side of things.

When it comes to the actual animation, throw in more movement and increase the drama - the narrator should be secondary and these additional scenes could be fleshed out a bit, to include a harder hitting piece of cinematography.

It's a start, but it needs a lot of work to make it past the open round.

[Review Request Club]

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DimanaTech responds:

I would have to agree with you. Animation is not a strong point using the technique I used for this particular project with the time frame I was set to.

I will also definitely conduct more collaboration with the community on future projects. I was not able to contact some of the people I had planned with time to work before the deadline. That included sounds such as voice actors, and other important bits which I had to pull off last minute.

While it is not perfect, it definitely has helped me experiment and try new techniques that will help me in future projects. I'm glad people got to see it.
Thank you for your time and helpful review.

If you wanted the people at NATA to see your entry, you should've tagged it with 'nata2012open.'

There was minimal animation - it was mostly motion-tweening. The beginning, in particular, was merely motion-tweened traced bitmaps accompanied by a boring monologue (but I'll save that part for later). I read in the description that you used "Wings3D" for Scene Creation, so I'll assume that you animated those bitmaps and imported them into Flash so you could trace them.

If that was the case, then what was wrong with actually showcasing the bitmaps? Was it a file size issue? A memory issue? Traced bitmaps almost always look awful, with few exceptions depending on the style the animation was going for.

The voice acting was nearly unbearable. It was monotone the entire time, and there was no emotion in it. It wasn't believable. The background music also overlapped the monologue at some times, and quite frankly, it was hard to focus on what the character was saying because of the monotone voice acting and the sometimes-overlapping background music.

The dialogue seems like it could be made into a nice plotline, but that opportunity was gone since you ignored one of the biggest rules in film, animation or anything: Show, don't tell. The character told everything.

The purpose of film is to convey a message through subtext by showing. We should be with the character when he experiences something. The occasional narration is fine - just not if it takes up the entire flash.

And the reason your sound is out of sync is because you set it to Start or Event. I would know since I right-clicked it and manually rewinded it, and it still played. Make a separate layer for the audio, and stream your audio. It helps a lot.

Good luck.

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DimanaTech responds:

Thank you for taking the time to view and review this animation.
The nata tag was placed, but somebody in Newgrounda actually modified my tags and switched it to 'subtitled'.
Due to the long process I had to perform on this animation and the extremely short deadline, I was not able to complete as much animation as I had planned and for future projects I'll definitely find some voice actors.
I appreciate the tips and hints you shared about animation and film. Thank you, as I am developing my animation skills, this will become very helpful to me.

God plot, amazing scenario. Sound was good, but even with high quality, the sound ended way faster than the animation (even before the narrator appear @_@').

Keep up the good work ^^b

People find this review helpful!
DimanaTech responds:

Thank you for your review and I'm very happy that you got to enjoy some of it. I apologize for the sound issue which will be fixed in an update. If you have out of sync sound, please lower the quality, as high quality may give you animation lag. Thank you.

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Credits & Info

3.45 / 5.00

May 10, 2012
11:18 PM EDT