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(HoS) Templar Attack

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Author Comments

Listen with HEADPHONES! It just doesn't sound the same without 'em!

It's bright mid morning. Hawks fly high above, circling a huge templar army as it slowly marches across vast open land with mountains surrounding all around on the distant horizons. Men and oxen pull and push along great catapults and variouse other war machines as this shining sea of iron and steel flows towards a magnificent city of white and gold off in the distance.

The mass comes to a stop as it nears the city but keeps a safe distance from its towering walls lined with archers. In the center of the army is a large rock leaning almost entirely horizontally and closely resembling a pointing hand; a hand pointing toward the enemy city. Like an island, it is the highest point, poking just above a gleaming ocean. A knight clad heavily in armor with a thick, flowing, bright blood red cape, torn and tattered at the bottom, steps up to the top from where the stone meets the ground in the back. While he makes his climb, soldiers on all sides of him turn and salute, out of respect to their general, as he passes. At the top, he removes his helmet reviling a scared head, and pauses to look up at the sky where a great eagle joins the soaring hawks circling above.
He looks back down, calling out as he draws his sword. At this sound all the now readied catapults' ammo are lit ablaze, the massive wooden arms poised to launch. He raises his weapon above his head, calling out a second time, this time to the men on the front lines who roar back with of loyal enthusiasm. On the city walls, all the archers draw their bows and aim skyward but wait to fire. Back on the rock in the field, a venomous snake crawls up to the general's foot and threatens to bite. Paying no heed to it, the general brings his mighty sword down to point along with the rock toward the city. At the same time, the eagle in the sky zooms down to strike the snake, and violently rips the thing open. Great catapults heave forward giant balls of fire and a whole tide of steel rushes from the ocean forward toward the city, armor reflecting sunlight like water, as a black, cloud of feather, shaft and head rises up into the sky from the walls, nearly blocking out the sun entirely. The storm cloud drifts over the advance, shading the men underneath from the hot sun for only a minute before it rained it's deadly drops of death onto them. Every soldiers fell to the ground. Many had perished just then, but most were saved by their thick shields and armor. The enemy on the walls began to shake in fear as soldiers began to rise up from the ground almost as if from the dead that the arrows had brought. Moving from kneeling on a knee to standing each templar came out from the cover of their shields. Rising up they continued forward nearly unhindered...

Woowh! I wanted to make something with some form of actual vocals for a change. Used a little bit of Gregorian chant in the beginning. Also got the female vox from snipits of "Breathless" by Brand X (look it up on youtube).

Leave a Review Please I NEED the feed back!
Tell me what YOU imagine!
I'll probably come back to add more time indications to the story and so on.


Haha! Sure there are the titan fights to think of as You just started to listen Templar Attack. Then - when this submission comes to get louder as it reveals more, and more and more sounds of some tasty instruments there playing around, what allows the beat to spread more by summoning even more instruments and everything to join in the fun in order to start..erm, kicking it to the beat if You know what I mean...
Alright, when the kick it part begins to have fun with listener, somehow, there are a bit gangsta-mafia music alike appearing tunes, yet I unexpectdly turn out to like 'em..

Incredible overall :D

Very good.

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Your bass and percussion needs some tweaking. One of the low drums you are using is being played at a pitch much lower than the original sample, resulting in some unpleasant sounding rattle (You'll hear this in my music too, which is how I recognized it)
I also feel the percussion would sound much better with some sort of stereo separation. Right now its VERY center-channel. For example, listen to how Hans Zimmer uses his Taikos. VAST separation.

I know there are some free low drums /Taikos out there that would work better for you. I'd also advise a little bit of 'humanization' for your strings. Its tough to make a digital sample library sound like it isn't digital, but a bit of variation helps.

As to the song and structure, it feels like the first half of a song. Not to say it is too short, but it builds up and up, then kinda hovers there before ending. Again, this is an issue I have too, which is why I notice it so quickly.

When you ask for feedback, also try and include a bit of info about what sample libraries you use, what software you use and how you 'master' it all in the end. I'm not sure if you were looking for such a technical response, but that's the best I can do.

I do quite like the vocal work though. Its nice to hear 'real' voices instead of a string of vowels running together. :)

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HonorOfStyle responds:

Thanks for the lengthy technical review! It helps out a ton with understanding where exactly the weaknesses in my music are.

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Credits & Info

4.36 / 5.00

Feb 17, 2012
9:47 PM EST
File Info
5.6 MB
2 min 27 sec

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