Eternal Saturday

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Movie going, slug birth, chicken science, boot shopping, and the Bill Cosby apocalypse. All take place within the Eternal Saturday. Enjoy!

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literally one of my favorite animations of all time, I LOVED this so much in highschool when i watched it for the first time :D glad i found it again

very strange but the "bibbitty boo bop Ckoo Ckoo" got me up there! Funny, random, strange progression, yet entertaining animation all melded together into a nice parody-short. The length was also good and not too long for the random progression. I removed a star half because of the idea that it was too incoherent in its progression as what was the purpose of some scenes and materials other than to convey the strangeness? Otherwise, very entertaining and amusing!

I watch this and wonder why this isn't in the Experimental section. @_@
That is some trippy stuff! I really like the way you incorporated both sounds and animations from different sources into it like some sort of collage.
And Bill Cosby. *shudders*

I hadn't watched this in years! You know you grow up and life happens and you're down sometimes. It's nice to go back and relive your Favorites and remember why you loved them. I was soooo confused when it started out but I remembered the same experience last time and saying the pay off was worth it in the end. Thanks for the smile!

very weird and random but entertaining :)

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4.37 / 5.00

May 7, 2012
1:17 PM EDT