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Slum Tourist

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And so I languish in gentrification, such an anguish has befallen me.
I sought to understand the trepidation of the commoner's pathology.
I thought experience of filthiness would so contribute to this fantasy,
But now I know there's more to life than gaining cred through voluntary poverty.
It's so easy to pretend that you are poor, despite the trust fund.

I though my lousy job and ugly girlfriend would endear me to the public eye.
My privileged peers would not see me as just another stupid, rich, Caucasian guy.
But now I see the bourgeoisie have it easy so just give me that glorious shirt and tie
Because two weeks of slum tourism caused a schism in my mind that makes me want to die.
It's so easy to forget the things you love all cost a lot of money.

My favourite movie used to be 'City of God.'
It caused me to abdicate my 80 gig iPod.
I don't need possessions over which my parents laud.
I just need the common sense I thought I'd get from indigence
So let me say in my defense, I thought I'd hear an audience applaud.
(Just like they did for that black kid in the film.)

So let me suckle at that corporate teat 'til I defeat my inner nothingness.
I realize my life's defined by nothing more than good old-fashioned avarice.
Now I will breed more willful greed until the seed of moral need is black and cancerous.
And if you doubt my accusations 'bout my selling out then maybe you should answer this.
If money is the root of all evil, why even seek employment?

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Goddamn man, put out an album or something. This song right here is great; had heard a portion of it in Eternal Saturday and knew I had to hear it in full. Reminds me a bit of I Was a Maoist Intellectual by Momus, both are catchy and deal with someone who's a bit spoiled and entitled.

Anyway, great effort, and please, please, please make more in this fashion and get on bandcamp or something, goddamn.

A nice song

It's a nice fast paced song that had me laughing a bit. I really like the lyrics in the song because they really work with the vocabulary and really help you imagine a rich, spoiled guy. Although I think that the guitar was a tad bit loud and sort of drowned out the singing just a little bit, but either way it was still nice to listen to.

I really like it when there were parts like at :50 when the strumming becomes lower, it adds a sort of intensity to the song. Really good work with the lyrics and guitar work, I loved it.

Definitely one of my favorites.

This is good country. You've got the right chords and sounds. I dunno what these guys are talkin about. Country isn't about having a drawl or having acoustics and fiddles or whatever. You've got it nailed on the head. And I love the lyrics, I have actually found myself quoting the last line on more than one occasion in conversations.

TheMaskedJew responds:

Thank man, although the last line is supposed to be taken relatively ironically.

Great Song, Love the Lyrics

WTF is useYOURname talking about? Sure this isn't a "traditional" country song...if there is such a thing. I mean if you look at the progression of country music from the turn of the century to the present day, you'll find that it never retained any true form but was constantly changing. Johnny Cash anyone? Now there was a guy who changed the genre! Anyway, in my opinion, country music should be categorized as country music because of its subject matter. This song in particular touches on one of the most common issues of country music, having money and lacking money.

TheMaskedJew responds:

Thanks man. I think useYOURname has one too many chromosomes.


this is not country (even tho i hate country) its more a kids song and u do not have a country voice and theres no elecrtric guitar in country music

TheMaskedJew responds:

If you hate country, then you would have no cause to listen to it. If you don't listen to it, then how can you expect to identify it correctly. There's more to a a genre then just minor aberrations in traditional instrumentation and a fake southern drawl. Since you have no issue with the: melody, harmony, chord progression, lyrics and any other aspect about the song you could have viably criticized, I will assume you are musically illiterate and your opinion isn't worthy of consideration.

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