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This week's parable is from the Tao of Pooh! (it's a book that introduces taoism through winnie-the-pooh). It is about being true to yourself and knowing that in any state, from a stonecutter to a powerful sun, you are in a state of perfection because you exist as such. You can change yourself to be anything you'd like, what do you want to be? But remember that how you are now is perfect too, and accepting what you are makes it only easier to change it as well.

This weeks parable was also animated in part by the King of Atlantis! Give him a round of applause in the comments, he's learning to animate so that we can have more cartoons, more often, and more awesome!

With Love!
SpiritPatch, ShePatch and the Atlantis King

Special thanks to everyone who sent us music to use!! See the credits for more!


nice movie, your life is up to u so you shouldnt envy others, we all have our special talents and we all are unique. It is the choices in life u make you who you are)sometimes the choices arent easy an sometimes the choices are slim but just be you and be the best you you can be )

I don't understand how you can justifiably give a video like this a bad review. This is an awesome and creative way to spread some great teachings.

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As with all your other videos, I thought this was great. It displayed a helpful message in a rather likeable manner. Another thing about all your videos is that they always put me in a good mood, like I can feel my computer and I being uplifed by all your energy.

Aoir une belle journée! (have a beautiful day in fench) Sincerely, BelligerentCow1337.
(Oh, and btw, you just got pwnd Strayhat :P)

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nobodies perfect

"Then he became the sun" :oD I honestly laughed out loud. It's a funny little story. Like always a hated the message and excecution of the video. We get it, you're happy and you wanna teach people something that you've found helpful. I honestly don't know why I keep coming back to these videos. Maybe it entertains me to be annoyed and infuriated by their content.

I guess... just keep doing what you're doing, I mean someone obviously likes it, even though people are hardly gonna learn much from them, given their relatively short length and their tendency to lack concrete examples.

Oh yeah and do you know "neurotically yours" http://illwillpress.com/
If anything that's one thing that seems to be as preaching as these videos, you just don't notice as much because the author has a good balance of storyline and message. It makes the whole ordeal alot less annoying and tedious to watch. Maybe you could learn something (or not, bluh)

Strayhat signing out

RiverJordan responds:

I dunno man, most people seem to like them. They're philosophical, have good messages, they're not HURTING anyone. But it seems that you have something within you that's causing you hurt with these...do you want to talk about it? I'm practicing being a healer, so I'm happy to listen and offer any advice if you'd like.

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Apr 23, 2012
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