Vegeta VS Sonic

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People who love DBZ will love this, people who love sonic may not love this, people who are impartial will like this, this is Azlar by the way, I prefer DBZ and Rikimaru prefers Sonic, enjoy the movie :D And I only made this to get revenge upon Sonic, I hate his attitude it's too confident, so don't expect too much, and look at the file size, I don't think I could fit a 10 minute fight scene into 467 kb.

{{UPDATE}} Part 2 here - http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/489797

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damn back in the day, when i was till a guest in this website, i believe 2006 or so, this flash scared the shit outta me, not to mention i loved sonic back then so much so it affected me in a way, still do though and, still can say its some sort of nostalgia fix haha,

I loved this if only because of how realistic it was. Yes, it's really short, but it makes sense. It kind of reminds me of "Bambi Meets Godzilla". That made as much sense as this. Vegeta can destroy entire planets. Actually, every single DBZ character can destroy entire planets! Well, the Moon at least.

This really is what would happen. This is why Vegeta wouldn't be in "Super Smash Bros". Well, he's not a video game character so he wouldn't be there anyway. The artwork isn't bad. It's hard for DBZ to have a legitimate crossover with really anything.

This video is completely accurate.

This is funny

I know this is old, but I like the style of these types of videos.
Good job!

lmao this is hilarious