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Shout out to @travsaus for megaphone tankman!

Sean and Such Ep. 11

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Episode eleven of Sean and Such. The fated time has come and the store inspection has begun, as the Health Inspector digs into The Pet Shop. As Sean watches the inspector tear through his store, he hopes that something will be able to save him in this eleventh hour.

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The animation has improved a lot from the first episodes and is very smooth. I love the throwbacks to all the previous episodes which were hilarious. The 8-bit scene is FUCKING AWESOME and the ending is even better. This is most definitely my new favorite episode.

P.S. Health Man should have known that he can't beat Cut Man Joe!! lol

That was just more of the same really. All of the problems which have been present throughout the entire series still hadn't been rectified here. I thought that the start of the flash was far too dragged out. The fact that the store is a total mess had already been established, so it wasn't necessary to go over the same point over and over again. I did quite enjoy the Mega Man ending of the flash though. It was nice to see something different for once and the sprite animation was more pleasing than the lack of animation throughout the rest of the flash.

It was nice to see that the preloader and play button returned, but I still think these flashes could do with a replay button included at the end. As per usual the pillars looked out of place in the intro due to being the only part of the image with any depth and an apostrophe was missing from the title.

Still you shot everyone square on, adding no diagonals whatsoever. Having the shots at an angle would have added some much needed depth to the images. I thought that a few of the cutaways during the scene where the frog jumped in the drink were a little too short as well, but only by a second or two. Still, it was noticeable enough for it to be a minor problem.

More animation was essential, especially in the animals. They barely moved at all and when they did their movements were too limited, rigid and jerky. The frogs and fish really needed to be moving about a lot more. Fish don't just hover in one spot in their tanks, they swim about moving their fins and bodies in the process and your movie should have at least attempted to emulate this. The tattered birds' movements looked completely unrealistic as well. They simply jumped about not moving their bodies at all. I thought that you needed to redraw them a little frame by frame to get this looking more natural.

I got bored. Animation and art style is good.

This one has to be your best yet. I LOVED the Mega Man reference, that was too cool. And then throwing scissors at the guy just sent me over the top. I love your work and style. It gives it a feel of being real life. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing your new submissions. Oh shit, I have to add you to my favs.

I seem to be in the minority on this first point, so take it with a grain of salt, but to me, it seemed like the initial list of checks went on just a tad too long (almost to the point of droning). Still, not so bad as to make it unwatchable and again, I didn't notice anyone else saying that so it's probably just me - I really was ready for it to be over by the time it was. ;-)

Other than that, though, great animation and decent voice acting. :-)