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Reviews for "Sean and Such Ep. 11"

nice to see you guys are still at it, This one was a bit funnier than the others.

As others have said the inspector scene did go on for a bit. Like he didn't have to call out and describe each individual visual gag. Let the audience see what it is and pull a chuckle from that.

It could also benefit from some editing which could make the dialogue come off a bit snappier and add some punch to the jokes.

keep up the good work

SeanAndSuch responds:

Good to here from you again, we remember meeting you at the Allentown comic-con... thanks for taking the time to give us your thoughts. We're always trying to improve the show and everyone here is mad helpful. We try to pin down the shows humor as best as we can... so again, thanks for the good advice. We hope you keep watching and enjoying.

worst animal store in the world. funny video.

SeanAndSuch responds:

Thanks a bunch for the kind words and thanks to EVERYONE else who shared their thoughts on the episode. We're always excited to see new comments on the episodes so keep them coming. We hope you continue to enjoy future episodes and others to come... we try are best to please. Thank you again ;)

Baaaah! tasting semen, how do he know ?!!
the flash is okay
the voices are good =)
its pretty funny, and i dont know what to say, its pretty funny. nice flash.

nearly perfect, all except for those pauses at the end of every scene, not TERRIBLY wrong, it's just a little disconcerting

For me, I don't think it's so much that the jokes aren't well-written or clever, but that their delivery could be better, as well as the overall pacing. I feel like the inspection scene just went on for way too long. However, the inspector's dream sequence was really well done and amusing.