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Animation Critique

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So this was another movie made in a week, although I didn't do nearly as much work on it each day as I did for Masquerade. This one went by quickly because I got all the audio recorded on the first day, and then there wasn't a whole lot of actual animation to do for the rest of it. Also, I have like no homework. It's weird.

Anyway Sari was mad that I made the parts that she supposedly draws look too "stupid." Oops. She just wants me to write that she can actually draw better than that, just so no one's confused :P

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Dang, how did I miss this one? Man, I love silly video edits like that (in fact that's basically all I do on my YouTube channel XD). Sari did a really good job too, a lot of her lines legitimately made me laugh ^_^

Dat Ending LOL
5 Stars

this one put a smile on my face. reminds me of my kid sister.

Oh, oh, this is another one on my list of "laughed the whole way through." Loved it so much. Sari's cute and incorrigible as always, and it was nice to see her take the spotlight. This is definitely one of your best works, if not the best.

Now I'm curious, though... how well CAN Sari actually draw?

awww how cute. you and your sister have talent! and i loved the dubstep part. ;)