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Reviews for "Animation Critique"

i feel sorry for you, your sisters an @$$

Pahgawk responds:

She's only like this some of the time. The rest of the time, she's cooperative enough to do voice acting for my videos, right? (This video is staged, although it WAS based on reality.)

so ik this is comedy and such, it was amazing. but did ur sister actually do that xD

Pahgawk responds:

Haha, no, she didn't really do that. We cooperated to write and create this video. I'm sure she'd like to, though :)

the kid just made the movie a million times better.

Definitely 'ten times better than the original'. c:

Very cute, I actually enjoyed this very much. It was only slightly funny to me, but I haven't seen much of your previous work so I had nothing to compare it to. Regardless, the voice acting was very believable, and it was as though it was not acted out at all. Fantastic, the graphics, however, need some work.