Bridge Fight

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A Commission Flash Animation for RainbowsunLight
using Her Original 'Naruto Style" Character (Jordan)
its a commission thats why the lake of Story comprende?

i used alot of effort into this! many Frame By Frame Scenes!
i hope the hard work pay off!

if you like my shit please follow me on twitter and or subscribe me on Youtube

i also Thank X9001 times Caxx, Rudi999 and Twisted4000 for they Amazing Voices!!
With Lova Bocodamondo


There's a different reference in there. I know it

This made me cringe lol
its not terrible, but could use a lot of work

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It was ok I guss , but the animation could have been a bit more polished

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i like it

Since this is a comission, I'm writing my review into two.

1.) This character is very Mary Sue ish. She's wearing a completely non practical outfit that is uncommon in the show Naruto. She is suppose to be a ninja, why is she wearing bright white and black stripes? And also, I'm getting the sense she's based after the creator because of the very English name. I don't have an interest into looking into her story to back up my case, by my M. Sue radar is on the frits here.

2.) For the Flash:
Animation - The art style was pleasing and very anime, but the actual animation was not. You could very much tell this was made in flash. It was laggy at parts, and looked very non realistic at parts. (When the bridge broke, etc.)
Voice Acting and Sound - The Voice Acting was amazing! I was really surprised when I saw this featured Caxx since I'm a bigbig fangirl. It sounded berry high quality and realistic. The sound was uneven at parts but it was good quality. It could need some work, but I think it's headed in the right direction!

Overall, this was a nice attempt. I'll be checking out more of your work!

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3.31 / 5.00

Mar 2, 2012
3:20 PM EST