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We work really hard on this game, hope you like it!
Leave you comments bellow, what do you think about Octeria?


5 unique epic bosses
10+ unique enemies
Upgrades and non-stop action!
Check out new flash online shooter game from Pegas Games!


Mouse Ãf¢EU" shoot
W A S D Ãf¢EU" move
Space Ãf¢EU" super shot

Frontpaged, wow thanks! :)


First off I want to say while I enjoyed the visual style, it is nothing new. You did it well but did not truly seperate from other top down shooters of the same style. The tutorial was serviciable and taught the basics of the game. Which wasnt difficult, since the game doesnt gamble too much on anything other than what is expected for this style of game

In short, I found nothing new or compelling about the game. The music was ok, serving as ambiant background that neither really got me into it or annoyed me.

Unfortunatly the game mechanics didnt mesh well to provide the pacing one expects in this kind of game. Something that stood out immeaditly upon starting the game.

Im too god damn slow.

But thats ok at the start of the game because I figure there is an upgrade for it in the tech tree...then I go to check...nope...

No movement speed upgrades whatsoever? In this style of game? It should be a given. Especially considering you ramp up the enemy variety so fast to include enemy spawners in the first wave! Now this would be ok if the pacing of upgrades matched it but it doesnt come anywhere close.

Not to mention the fact that to most enemies using the spacebar ability is about as effective as spitting on their health.

Then I realize Im taking all these hits but not observing my health go down much at all. Ah the concept becomes clear. Im a tank! Thats fine and there are armor upgrades. So I continue on to wave 2. By this time i have upgraded ammo capacity and attack speed because I need it to take out all the enemies spawning with some kind of efficiency.

Then I go to wave 2. And die horribly because there is no way I can dodge effectively. And I spam the spacebar (which I have upgraded) to little effect even against the smallest enemies. I watch in doomed horror as I am consumed/frozen/shot to hell all in one moment. Thats when I realize the game mechanics are indeed broken.

I will note for the sake of argument I may be encountering glitches but I highly doubt it. Too many constant issues for them to all be bugs (or suggests this game was not well playetested).

In any case, in a game that is supposed to be frentic and chaotic while giving you the sense that you are just surviving, I walked away feeling like I was anchored to doom the moment I started.

In future if you design a game similair to this one again, I would drop some health, add some speed, either intitially or as part of the tech tree, and gradually introduce new enemy types as opposed to literally flooding the screen with them and giving the player no context on what to expect.

Also throwing in some power ups would have made it more entertaining. Something as basic as shields or multi shot would have gone a looong way.

Sorry if that sounds harsh I just like to be honest and despite my criticisms, it is obvious you have talent, so I hope to see another from you with more polish. I certainly think it is within your skill level.

Good Luck with future flashes!

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PegasGames responds:

Thanks alot for your detailed review ! :)

not impressed, controls are glitchy and lag way to much and the game resembles bubble tanks too much

Really addicting. Love it.

The game is okay, but when you press shift to upgrade, the game goes back and forth between the upgrade menu and the battle. I can barely see what I am upgrading.

the idea is good but the game construction is bad, when you go into the shop the game keeps going with out you and pausing the game blows up your ship making you have to start over.

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3.26 / 5.00

Feb 29, 2012
1:34 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional