Reviews for "Octeria"

too much lags cant enjoy the game

NOT POSSIBLE WITH A MOUSE PAD! That much should be said. That, and the undeniable fact that if we want instructions, we should be able to look at a 'how to play' section instead of the painfully long tutorials. Yes, I am a bit of a critic, but still... I haven't yet seen a shooter like this one that warns that using a mouse pad is pretty much impossible. A mouse is completely necessary. It's just that I have a laptop and found myself surrounded by large amounts of unfair disadvantages, and I know that isn't your fault, but please at least warn me first. Last of all, there are SO many shooters on this magnificent website, and although this one was quite good, there are a whole lot of better ones. Keep trying, though.

Irritations within the first 5 minutes:
1. Arrrghhh! Why do I move so slow?
2. Why do these training messages take so long to go away?
3. Why am I forced to sit still for almost 30 seconds? That was infuriating.
4. See the upgrade menu; upgrades are the uninspired same-old-same-old.

5 minutes and I already hate this game. Speed the avatar up, and give me the controls at start I've played a goddamn shooter before.

You SERIOUSLY need to put a limit on how many objects can be on the screen at a time. Level 3 is just unplayable if you can't instantly kill everything, or you aren't running a government-funded supercomputer. Too many enemies and too many bullets make the game lag so hard that you literally cannot do anything but watch your ship execute commands you gave it five minutes ago, only to see it get shot down. And the lag still doesn't let up after you're dead.

There needs to be a speed upgrade as well. Health is useless since it automatically regenerates. The ammo and reload upgrade only gives you extra ammo and does not shorten your reload time. And the weapon upgrade should increase the damage a bit more than it does.

A good try, but these flaws make the game unplayable. You should fix this.

Seriously, fix these. Nobody likes a game that can't be played because it bogs down the system to unresponsiveness.

What makes this game "hard" is the same thing that made "The Hardest Game In the World" "hard". The fact that you move slow as balls.

I had a hard time getting past the 3rd stage seeing because 3/6 of the upgrades are just straight useless. I stopped bothered with Energy, Armor, and Special and I was able to make it through by killing the big cannons first. Turns out I didn't save many skill points by doing that, seeing how all upgrades except Attack only go up to level 3. Though it saved just enough; the enemies have so much HP that if you don't level up your Attack fast enough, you're basically dead in the water.

Another thing that didn't help was the myriad of bugs littering the game. The two that were the worst was trying retry a stage, and seeing that it won't go past the first wave of enemies, so you have to kill yourself and try again. After I beat the stage 4 boss, it just got stuck there and wouldn't continue to stage 5. The other bug is a problem with the Ammo upgrade. It would upgrade the capacity fine but the reload time would stay exactly the same. I didn't even notice until it randomly kicked in on some random wave of enemies.

Plus, the game just wasn't that fun. I don't know what you bloated this with, but I had to play on Low the entire time because every time there were more than maybe five enemies on screen, it would lag to heck.

2.5 out of 5 (voting 2)