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Pew Cubed

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Pew Cubed has been in the works for awhile, I've put it down several times favoring other projects... But now its finally done :). This is my first Unity3D game compiled to flash... And its a relief to finally have it released and in front of people.

Got feedback? I'd love to hear it!

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the game is ok but i cant even get past the first level though its 2 miunets long and the boss is over powered the graphics good but the gameplay isnt sorry 2.5 stars from me

This was

an okay game, I mean sure there was no real, point, to what you were doing, but it was actually pretty neat, (Yeah I said neat Haters gonna Hate) anyway. The graphics were different for a flash game, the bosses weren't all that hard they just were, EXTREMELY time consuming, seriously. I don't like having a 2 minute stage and a 30 minute boss fight. The enemies were repetitive and annoying, and you got completely screwed if you accidently tapped the right mouse button. (That's just a personal issue, other than that, I thought was was pretty good. (Add an upgrade system and the game would be pretty cool.)

Im sorry to say that...

I found this game quite boring and rather only seen fun in the eyes of the author yet again sorry


a piece of crap

Upgrade System?

Would have preferred a hands on upgrade system. Some people might not like it, but that's really where games excel these days. It's all about upgrades to keep people interested. Otherwise, the games can get stale pretty quick, and unfortunately, that's the position I found myself in. I played a couple of levels, and then I became bored with it. There needs to be something interactive in the game that keeps people playing.