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Chrismissed DE

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Yeah, so this is basically a remastered version of last year's flash Chrismissed.
Backgrounds, Animation, Art, is all re-amped, more effects, and a bonus scene at the end!
Lots of work went into this the past week and it's great I can finally submit again, Merry Christmas!

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So I've been reading a lot of the comments and how you respond to them. Most of them and negative and you respond by proclaiming that you don't care what they think. I like that. It's pretty cool... Although as a publishing artist you have to take into consideration the likes and dislikes of the audience in order to produce a "golden flick". Anyways I thought you could have pushed a bit more on the animation and it was kinda sad seeing the kid just having fun and then getting killed, but it was ok. 3 stars, keep progressing.

ToonCastleTV responds:

Thanks man, I was still very much growing as a fbf animator here so I know as much as the critics say that it could have been more polished, but that's what future pieces are for ;)
Thanks for the review. Always appreciated, really.

Somewhat funny, and random entry

So first off let me start by saying its a pleasure to see stuff like this, given that its not perfect and is not the worst either and there are some areas that can be worked on for improvment but i have to admit that for the most of this i found it amusing and pretty good, so i was actually glad i had the time to check this one out, So with all that said Lets really get into this. I really like the randomness and strange feel you put into this that really got me interested, The jokes were amusing but not overly amusing, there are some areas with jokes that you could execute them better and just overall make them more "FUNNY" Random Animation you have here, i found the randomness to be a blessing if you will, it made it differant and more interesting, thats something you may want to go with more. The "STORY" here was welladpated and i took a liking to it right away and found that it was pretty good, keeps you interested and not easily bored, Graphics was prettygood, especially with some of the backrounds showed lots of effort on your part and detailed wffort if i say so myself. Effects is something that you could work on abit better, just a few effects here and there, maybe the blood, and some other areas throughout the film. And then there is the Animation and to me it "FLOWED"perfectly bringing everything together so i had no hangups there as you have shown lost of effort here and especially in the animation. Ok so with This and that said here on a few things, I came to find that this submission was kinda nifty, somewhat entertaining, but generally i found it to be a worth while of a flash movie, and i can see how you have put your efforts across the boards, and hope to see even more from you as this was a pleasent flash.

So here we go with ways and ideas to improve always the hardest part of the review for me as i dont want to nit pick on every detail but try for some of the basics, But there were a few spots thats could be cleaner, smoother and finner so Hope some of these tips do help and would be nice to see changes in the near future. So the "JOKES" could be funnier and come to gether better, they were needing better execution im guessing, And something on a small scale maybe some more effort on effects like blood, maybe some random props aswell.

ToonCastleTV responds:

Hey man thanks for the review! I definitly agree some of the drawings weren't the cleanest - a lot of the drawings were slightly rushed and back when I didn't care as much about my line quality which I think you'll find very much improved in future animations. It's true I spent a lot of time on some of the backgrounds, and you're right in thinking that this could have been pushed a lil more, I think I grew a lot making this piece I hope that you can see that with future work =)

i fail to see how this could have a higher rating than 1 star, because fairly, the animaton is not smooth especially the lipsync part, the illustration was only god enough when it's the family cut scene, the plot sequence looks forced, and the jokes aren't even funny to begin with.
You should really look into your choice of music too bro.

ToonCastleTV responds:

I'm sorry you didn't like it. The animation is on mostly 1s - I hope you didn't experience video lag because as far as im concerned I did a good job there.


I wonder why the jacket suddenly vanished when he put it on. I guess he was just really happy to see it snowing and went outside to dance in it. Then he nearly gets run over but dies by some letting a snow plow run over him instead ending his day rather early. Then he had to wait at the gates of heaven as they were on break for the day. Weird yet funny.

The animation here looked pretty nice and the most detailed part was his family seeing presents. The rest of the time we see Jack goofing off and then dying shortly after going outside. Guess it was a much better idea had he stayed inside instead of running out into the snow.

The audio here gives a feel like he was all wound up on sugar and just feeling real good upon going outside to play in the wintery snow.

Overall, strange, short, and funny.

Review Request Club

ToonCastleTV responds:

Yes! You captured Chris ^^ Pretty much exactly how I wanted people to feel when they saw him =) Im glad you found the antidote humorous, thanks! :)

The mystery of the disappearing jacket

I actually enjoyed this flash, even though I found the musical selection to be quite horrible. But this is just a matter of personal taste.

The drawings are pretty good here. You had some nice backgrounds as well as a very detailed main character. I didn't quite get why his jacket disappeared, but I love how you try to cover up this mistake by letting him say: "At least I got my jacket back". Kind of breaking the 4th wall here, but in a very good way.

I didn't like the blood stains after the guy got killed, that's definitely something you have to work on.

The last joke was pretty good. "Sorry man, we are out of business today. Come back later." I know this would annoy the hell out of me (pun intended ;) ) .

{ Review Request Club }

ToonCastleTV responds:

Some people had complained about the music previously, but the way it flows espically when he starts spinning around the street is in my eyes perfect. Lol I wouldn't say the main character was super detailed, just enough as he had to be. A simple design really, just moving a lot. I like the positive response on the jacket part, kuz some people thought it was "dumb and non nonsensical." Dam, that's two people who didn't like the blood stains. Hours of work were actually put into that scene believe it or not, thanks for the good review tho!

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3.16 / 5.00

Dec 25, 2011
6:36 PM EST