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YouriX Music Reviews EP1

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Author Comments

This show is ment to promote and help music artists here on Newgrounds. Hope you enjoy it.

Reveiwed Album: Durian Spiked Fruit
Link: http://yourix.bandcamp.co m/album/durian-spiked-fru it
If your having trouble with the link just go to my user page ;)


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YouriX responds:


Was alright, but slow moving.

I think this is a good idea. Watching this seems quite slow moving though, try to make everything more to the point. I think maybe a scrollbar thingy (for some reason ive gone blank and cant remember what they are called) Like on a video, where you can skip back and forth to where you want.
Also, i think it would be good to have more clear stand alone samples of the music, again could make this more interactive, with skip options, and maybe multiple tracks.
Make it more clear where you can download tracks, have links to where you can download them ect, maybe like on youtube and stuff where people go click here to download it and point at it ect and it flashes and shit.

YouriX responds:

Yes, beleive me the second episode will be better! And i will consider your ideas! ;)

Great concept!

This is a great idea! It will bring audio artists more exposure than anything else: best exposure is through flash, so what would be better than a flash about the music? Animation and audio need some work. While I think the animation part is optional, it serves the cause, you should really do something about the audio! Needs better quality. Also, you should work on your talking, I'm sure there are voice actors who would love to help you out!
Now, I'll let some input from the bbs flow into this review, because it's important for your concept. What I didn't like was the the tight margin you drew. It's ok imo to keep this open only for regulars. It is a way to determine dedication, especially to this site. I didn't like the regulation of music being streamable, complete album and with cover artwork. The grade of seriousness can't be measured in the fact someone compiles his music to an album/ep. For one anyone can do that and for another, there are artists on newgrounds who fit their music to the needs of different things, like ... well you know: movies and games. They don't want/need their music to be displayed on an album like compilation, but some of them do awesome stuff as well. This point seems to be unnecessary.
But I won't end this wall of text without saying that this could be the first step to something great!

YouriX responds:

I have to admit my voice acting is far from perfect. But this is after all the YouriX Music Reviews. Also i think is fitting for a show to be made by a musicians for musicians.

Audio quality is hard since i dont have the expensive equipment to do so. I WILL work on it though ;)

About the thread rules.
Well the rules work more as guidelines not laws. I might just go ahead and review a seprate track or talk about a musician i like. But having a album shows that you are at some point serious about your music production. But the musicians that make songs only for flash and games will catch my eye and i might just review them because of there achievement! Believe me i scout every corner of the audioportal. Since its now my job ;)

Anyways glad you show support to this show and not only will you help yourself but other musicians as well! :)

Showing love to the Audio Portal

I like the concept, and hope you move forward on this series. There are a few things to improve on; animation, art, and maybe improving the audio because you're kinda mumbling at times. But, I know you're in it for the message, not the flash, and I like where you're heading.

YouriX responds:

Yes in the next episode i will try to give even more effort into these series. Thanks already for the support :)

I like this idea

This could certainly be a handy flash series to watch for. It'll help me find something I like when I want to look beyond the game music genre in the AP here. Good luck!

YouriX responds:

Yes! Exactly this way unknown artists get a bit more exposer!
Thanks already for the support! :D