(NUB)The Wizard's Finale

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So here we go.

First off, I want to say thank you to the community, the overwhelming amount of support really helped me to keep a positive attitude through this whole ordeal. Earlier this morning, I got a call from an old friend of mine that just so happened to lose a roommate.
Now I'm sitting comfortably back in an apartment, with my music setup all ready to go.

You guys have been so absolutely wonderful and so supportive.
As thanks, I'm going to go ahead and upload this song. It was going to be released with the upcoming album, but I really wanted you guys to have it.

I've put more work into this song than any other song I've done so far. I hope you guys enjoy it.

There is a story that goes with this one, but I'll save that for another time. If you'd like the brief outline, send me a PM and I'll tell it to you. Otherwise, let your imaginations run wild :D

Thanks again guys, and I hope you enjoy this! :D

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love it

this is so awesome


dude your song is the greatest thing i have ever heard

When creativity is purified,

This happens.


The orchestral bit was caught my attention, the alternating sounds is what kept my grasp and the unusual beats are what made me smirk.
You Sir, have talent!

_-~!(heres what i think the story is)!~-_

so inspiring, so emotional. heres the picture in my head, in the beggining when its slow i imagine 2 wizards, one old, in ragged wizardry clothes, much like Dumbledor, and the other young, in shining wizard armour. Both seperate rooms, reading from spellbooks, dim candles lit in the background to illuminate the dark rooms. when it starts to speed up, i see them practicing magic, casting spells and teleporting within the room. and around [4:07] i see the older one stare up to the cieling, with a sad expression on his face, he leaves the room. and the younger wizard gives a cocky sneer, and also exits his room. they both enter a grassy field, leaving the tall, dark castle behind them. they dont look at eachother, but stand nearly 50 feat appart, the wind blowing furiously. besides the wind, all is silent. and then, at [5:40], they turn to face eachother, and the young wizard casts a lightning quick spell, a bolt of blue lightning soars toward the elder. a bright shield arisis to circle him, and the spell is deflected. the shield then dissapates, and durring the short drum break, the shield begins to glow brighter, and swirls around the elder, spinning insanly, the elders eyes begin to glow, and at [6:35] the swirls explode and hurtle toward the younger one, engulfing him, and lifting him into the air. he casts spells furociously, trying to escape the grip of the spell, but is unsucessful. the elder does not let up, but is in a frenzy, eyes glowing, and laughing evily with power. but then, at [7:43] the younger one screams out an extreamly powerful spell, breaking the elders to oblivion. the spell cast by the younger one looks like the elders spell, but is bright red flames, which swirl around him. the shock from the broken spell tosses the elder to the ground, and he looks up to the younger one, fear in his eyes as he sees him floating in the air, swirls of fire around him. the flames grow, and the elder sheds a single tear. a split second after, the flames shoot toward the elder, completely engulfing him in flame. he screams and yells in pain, but is unheard, at [8:00] the younger then lowers to the ground, his spell finished, and slowly walks over to the elder, who is barely breathing. the elder mutters unaudible words, and then dies. the younger one stares down at him, his hair in his eyes, and sinks to his knees. tears fall onto the torched body of the elder. "what... what have i done?!?!?" he screams into the sky, like a man insane. regret, sorrow, he accomplished nothing, only the further hollowing of his life... "i am forever a shadow" he says, as he gets up to his feet, turns from the elders body, and walks into the now dark horizon...


Well, thats how i imagine the story. anyone else think thats right? Hey, nubbinownz, if im near right please tell me! =D


Man this is one of my favourite songs!
I love this song u made man! keep the good work up! :P

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Nov 29, 2008
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