PP - Parable of the Lute

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I feel that life is about living the way you want to, and it becomes very hard when you are not tuned. Your body is your most important instrument (as well as a part of your being), so it's important to stretch, go for walks, meditate, drink lots of water, and do things like that to help tune your physical body. Don't forget to also tune your mind. Practice letting things go that bother you, they do not need to affect you because you do not need to hold onto them. Finally, tuning your spiritual self. Find comfort in the little things that make you happy, feel love and gratitude towards the things that you have or recieve, and give love in return to all of those around you. You can have, do, or be anything: but if you're not tuned to the right frequency, how do you know what you want?

Made with Love by~
Jordan Duchnycz and Vanessa Cuccia
Audio Recording by Juan
Logo by Lee VanPelt
Intro Music by Seb Skelly
Credits Music by Super Junior
Background music by Iwasaki Taku

Special thanks to Andrew Golden, for without him this could not have been made!

Thank you so much for everyone who provided their time, energy, and Love into helping create this project!

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Check out more at www.thespiritscience.net
twitter- @spiritsciences
www.facebook.com/thespiri tscience

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first of i love your first storys...

but you have sevrol conflicting story lines and foolish asomtions

1 in your other storys you talk of the emrald tablets, i herd that in a cuthulu book man! you say you get this stuff from "books" but you still leave us with many questions

2 you give us two ideas at once, you give us the "be a good person" thing but then you turn around with the "it dont really mader in the end crap" give us a happy neutrul between the two
i want to live and iv got lyme!
i hope this gives you good ideas, dont meen to be harsh, best of louck

and sorry about my spelling


i wasnt watching the series cause i was thinking spirit science


While you do have an interesting philosophy, you aren't really a philosopher/theoretician. On the other hand, this isn't as preposterous as Spirit Science.

Visuals: Look, I don't believe that everything should have perfect animation with high-bitrate music, but enough to get the point across. However, there was hardly any character animation except for one or two scenes. Of course, I really like your layouts. If you're going do a weekly/monthy flash series, you better be really good and quick in order to make it convincing.
Sound: I really like the voices and the music on this, so no problems here.
Content: The only reason I watched this just so I can critique it. While you do have an interesting philosophy, decent direction, and a nice pace; it wasn't much to offer. I mean I appreciate that you're trying to prove that NG has potential beyond entertainment, but the way you're going about this seems uncompelling. I've seen flash movies with this kind of filesize that had much more in terms of content. In other words, this feels like a step up from Chester Kwan and Marsoupskin.

-Nice layouts and voices
-Decent direction
-Fitting sound
-Somewhat interesting philosophy

-Hardly any animation for a four meg flash.

Overall: Jordan, I hope you put more thought into the animation next time unless you want to end up like certain has-beens & Never-will-bes? Here's a six from me.

RiverJordan responds:

I'm thinking a little bigger than Newgrounds personally. I'm not making this for the newgrounds community, but rather, the global community. This video is for anyone and everyone who is willing to see it, which is why it's also on youtube and a number of conscious media network sites.

You're right in that the animation was more still frames than full animations, but doing it that way allows me to make many of them and keep my message without going super intense in animation. Honestly, i don't feel like it needs that much extra animation work, because the message is there and that's whats important. No amount of extra animation would make the message more powerful, at least, not at this calibur of video.

Wisdom at its finest

This was wonderful and made me feel peaceful inside.
I practice meditating daily and noticed a lot of health benefits. Still overwhelmed by the mind but it's "improving", if I can describe it in that way.
"Let's think about an answer and then we'll be at peace", no
"Let's not think", yes
Thanks, glad to see the world is slowly but surely becoming more and more peaceful and in tune with nature

Well said and well made.

This animation is top notch and the message is very enlightening.The excellent voicework makes up for the absent humor which is obviously unnecessary in this case.The animation is also well done even though at some point of the clip,the characters have mouths while other times,they do not.Hope that there will be more of such high quality production.

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2.98 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2011
8:40 AM EST