Reviews for "PP - Parable of the Lute"

I juat want to say.

You are so right. My mother is always to stressed all the time ever at home. I also have a friend thats always just playing video games and doesnt do much else and I always try to get him to go out once in a while. I loved that this has such a close meening to what people are today and how most people go to the extreams and never stay balanced between all the things they do. Good job and keep it up. I'm looking forward to more life leasons that you might have coming up.

i like it

this was good i enjoyed watching and learning

Well said and well made.

This animation is top notch and the message is very enlightening.The excellent voicework makes up for the absent humor which is obviously unnecessary in this case.The animation is also well done even though at some point of the clip,the characters have mouths while other times,they do not.Hope that there will be more of such high quality production.

Wisdom at its finest

This was wonderful and made me feel peaceful inside.
I practice meditating daily and noticed a lot of health benefits. Still overwhelmed by the mind but it's "improving", if I can describe it in that way.
"Let's think about an answer and then we'll be at peace", no
"Let's not think", yes
Thanks, glad to see the world is slowly but surely becoming more and more peaceful and in tune with nature


i wasnt watching the series cause i was thinking spirit science