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WARNING : This is not that kind of game that holds your hand while you play... so be warned
(Press "R" to restart in case something goes wrong)

Made for the 6th Newgrounds Online Game Jam in 96 hours

Use your "sight" ability to prevent traps from killing you and try to find out what's going on...
Trust your ears not your eyes.

In case you are experiencing lag issues , change the quality settings with the right click menu.
Special thanks: EndUser , MaestroRage , F-777 , BullyGill , Destructin , GundayMatt

Update #1
- Smaller spike pits
- Better sight ability (4 instead of 3 and bigger range)
- Better graphics and animations
- Music
- Clone illusions
- Couple of bug fixes

Next Update >> signs , obstacles won't kill you after they are triggered + some visual effects



Well done!
The game atmosphere is great and the twist at the end awesome.
Some minor bugs must be fixed since they can get annoying. Especially in the collision detection compartment. The most annoying one is at the end, when the monster makes you fall down. If you are over the gap between the ground and the elevator the monster appearance can make you fall under the elevator to the previous room! At that point the only possibility to go on in the game is to get killed from one of the trap (such as the huge rolling rock on the stairs) and start from the final spotlight.
Despite this, great game. Keep up the good work! :)


The game has potential to work and I get that you're trying to not "hold the players hand" for whatever reason, even if I do not necessarily agree with that method, but in a game that use so much either trial and error or constant backtracking to recharge your "sight" should really have your character walk faster than a not-so-brisk walk.

Hmm i actually liked it

Hmm although it is slow and the falling rocks killing you after they have been triggered are annoying, but i actually found this quite enjoyable due to the fact that i found out that your little quote "Trust your ears not your eyes" somewhat went down the drain after i found out that every trap DO give visual warnings before you even go near the trap(And no not the dirt falling or tiny rock falling before the big rock), but I'm sure most decently not retarded people can find out on their own so i'm not going to say it. Heck but im sure most of the people that rate this negatively don't even notice it.

i played with the sound off :D

it was an okay game tho


Don't listen to any of these complainers. This game was made in ONLY 96 hours after all yet the art and atmosphere are beautiful, the music is nice, and it actually gave me something to THINK about. It may be tricky at parts, but who doesn't like a challenge. I give it two thumbs up

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3.27 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2011
2:08 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other