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First Encounter

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Author Comments

I recently installed a video chip into my computer and i just uploaded an old animation i shot onto video tape.

Nintendo DS screens cause analog camcorders to malfunction but i'm pleased with the overall results and also i posted this cartoon on youtube first.

http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=TpMbM7e665s

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While this is more for youtube...

I do have to admit that is pretty fucking cool. See, I could never find any use for Picto chat but now that I saw this...fuck that is pretty cool. Maybe you should make more of these and post em to youtube. I'd totally watch them!

PowerRangerYELLOW responds:

Thank you for your words of encouragement however i already did posted this movie to youtube.

I will continue to post my animation on both youtube and newgrounds.


Hard to say

On one hand, it seems like you put a fair work into this mini-animation. I really like what you've done in some places, and it seems that you have some potential talent.

On the other hand the camera is shaky, the sound effects that you added are horribly off, and some parts of the animation seem kinda lazily done.

I appreciate this piece for what it is, but I hate it for what it's not; Alternatively I would really love to see you put together something similar in Flash, I'm sure you could go far.

Overall not my favorite submission, but not completely horrible.
Solid effort dude


-Review Request Club-

Not too bad

The graphics were very nice for a pictochat (Or flipstudio, I don't know.) video. It wasn't too short, which is very often with a movie like this.

It would be better if you cut the movie in a way that you could only see one or two drawings at a time. Now I often didn't know where to look, and it was very distracting.
It would probably improve the graphics too, since you have a less large area it has to record.

The music was just fine. It fitted, and wasn't distracting. It didn't add anything special though, some sound effects here and there would fit nicely, I think. You already did so with the *Njam* from Yoshi, but even more wouldn't hurt.

And please cut that last few seconds out please, just to prevent ear rape. Or at least turn the music volume down.


I really don't know how to judge this. The video quality is very low. The are "video lines" in the picture all the time (the lines you get when the reading head of the VCR isn't adjusted correctly) and we can barely see the screen of the DS. Even worse: The screen changes position during the flash. It's in the bottom left, then it's full centered, then it's bottom left again... a tripod would've really helped here.

Also, it's hard to follow the story since the animation takes place on various windows on the DS. I don't know pictochat, so maybe it's just the layout of the program, but I found it very confusing.

Later on in the flash the are static noises, that really hurt my ear and the picture gets even more unstable. That was the point where I closed the flash window, because I lost interest in watching this. I couldn't even follow the story up until this point, so there really was no use to continue watching.

But on the bright side: What I could see looked pretty amusing. Ok, it was only stick figures and very sloppy graphics, but I guess drawing on a DS isn't that easy. The animations where quite fluent and I liked the music a lot.

{ Review Request Club }

Not my thing

While I appreciate that this is one of the pieces that you made years ago and it was on a DS, which is now an outdated media and so forth, shouldn't thins just be left there? I mean, I've been writing stories for years now and some of my earlier works, the pieces which I used to learn the techniques are obsolete now - the work I do now is much better and that's what I want people to see. I'm almost embarrassed by those stories, to tell the truth.

Yes, there are techniques that you've learned from this and back in the day, had Newgrounds existed in its present form, with the sort of hardware that we employ, getting this on the Flash Portal would have been a lot easier and you'd have got the feedback.

As for the animation itself - take out the quality issues from the VHS videocamera and so forth, you could have used some colour on the drawings, even if it was going to take you a lot longer to make the piece, it would have been worth it.

Sounds and effects would have been a nice addition, but the constraints of your hardware was the main issue there - I hope that you've learned enough since progressing to flash, so that you can take these steps to make your pieces that much better now.

[Review Request Club]