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Minecraft Documentary

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The Journey of Greenfeet: A Minecraft Tale

Update: 11/11/11

Thank you all for Daily First! And on 11/11/11... which we find very cool since we're all nerds.

(a bit of warning... the movie is a bit loud compared to the music at the start.. so watch your speakers!)

(Also note: We had some issues when testing the movie with it auto playing at the menu. As far as we could tell it was ad related. So don't freak out if it happens!)

We journey deep into the world of Minecraft and follow one of its most fascinating creatures, the Creeper, as he journeys to find a mate.

Written by Joseph Blanchette and Animated by Chris Boe... this is Toonwerks' first parody! We won't be doing parodies often, but they're fun to do every once and awhile.

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The other ending : Greenfeet doesn’t get a call, and lives his life sad and alone, watching other couples laugh at him for being alone. Greenfeet decides to become more peaceful towards humans, as he never knew how hateful his kind was. Greenfeet finds a human friend and watches the sunrise.

Greenfeet and Petunia: A Love Story

good documentary

Cool minecraft

Wow amazing just like a minecraft experience, This was such a fantastic movie it does not need any changes what so ever Well you cant go wrong with some minecraft "ITS-A-BIG-CRAZE" everywhere and you have presented a nice film here minecraft related another great adventure here, and I like how the movie played out from start to finish so "REALLY-NICE-SUBMISSION" and glad I could watch and review this one.

This was such a fantastic movie it does not need any changes what so ever