Reviews for "Minecraft Documentary"

Haha, nice

Gives an interesting take on the Creeper, was I the only one who almost cried when Petunia didn't accept Greenfeet for the first time!?

And those baby Creepers were oddly cute, I will never look at a Creeper the same way again! Thank you very much :D

This better be a mod soon.

I wanna make this into a mod! This is AWSOME!!! lol

:D Brilliant!

Minecraft never gets old.
Green-feet will live on in the memories of many.

That was pretty interesting.....I'm totally going to make that camera m an at the begining now thanks to you

Nature is for Everyone, including virtual naure.

I loved thiis animation, it was very well made and the voice resembling attenborough was great, 5 stars!