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KOS Halloween

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"Waaaait..." *PANG*
Excellent piece of work! Thank you for using my song too!

I miss being a part of this :(

I love the KOS series. I think this is a great addition to it! Amazing work!

OnionsXD responds:

Thanks man! Maybe I could include you as another character. :D

A solid episode for the series of KOS!

It's weird that I somehow managed to let this one just float on past along with some of the other stuff I watched comin' home from the Halloween antics. Anyways, it's a pretty cool episode! There are a few issues in it, but we'll touch on those later in the review. And, beware, this review is almost 100% critique, so bear with me, Onions!

Animation wise, there's some pretty cool stuff! The characters were rich with detail on terms of shading. The motion was an overall success, but could've used a bit less tweening and more natural motion.
The backgrounds, especially the sky, don't look sloppy! I'd like it if next time you tried some crazier camera angles, as I felt it the project was sometimes just setting a scene as basic as you could. Try to add some depth next time, with extra space and places to go in the background. Give those characters plenty of room-to-run in the universe given. Great job on background work nonetheless!

Sound was good! The voice actors had some quality microphones to record on, and my favorite actor present is still the voice of Kolaskum, so hats off to him. There were a few parts that seemed stiff in the voice presentation itself, as if the characters suddenly would ignore the situations they were presented with, and while this can be executed to provide some excellent comedy as it has before, I felt it was just something skimmed over for some of the plot.
Somethin' with the sound effects I've noticed is that some of them seem a bit out of place for this episode. I've loved the atmosphere with previous episodes where it was created like a mix between 8-bit'ish, cartoon and just straight-up whatever KOS is all about, and I felt less of that here. I'm not sure what to say about it, but thinking back to the cartoon without watching it again, I can't really put forth anything I remember as being the same, or tell you any one part with cool SFX. It's not bad, but not the same or as noteworthy. You can decide how to fix that one, Onions, I'm not sure!

The impact and effect of this flash was a bit lackluster, and, ironically and sadly enough, it's only brought upon by minor and fixable issues that could easily be tweaked on through with practice and patience! It's like all the gears are working great except for these weird ones that won't turn right in the back.
The characters look like guys I want to get to know, but I feel they could reveal more with personality. I know Onions as the protagonist dork, Koloaskum as the foil and Snowball as the add-on character, and by add-on, I'm saying that I don't see any prominent character traits with Snowball just yet. I'm sure you've got one, just show it better!
Also, I'm not sure what this is supposed to be in terms of who the target audience is. The characters look all cute n' kid friendly, not to mention cool, but they start pumpin' out dialogue with, "Faggot," and "Wrinkly old ball sack." No, I'm not being some pansy and saying you need only adhere to the kiddies, but I am saying that you should keep in mind who the series is for!
Finally, the plot felt a bit unresolved. I didn't learn much about anybody, nor did I feel this was given a proper The End. The ultimate self-destruct of anything is a bad or downer ending, and I feel you should stuff in some resolution and some after-math next time. Endings are SO critical!

Overall, you get the picture by now, right? Yeah, it sounds pretty harsh, but critique reviews always make people sound like jerks. I felt you could use some for this episode, though, as it seems it wasn't as well recieved as we'd like it to be. Was it rushed, was it badly timed or was it just terrible luck? I'm sure you're good enough to find out.
But I'm still a great fan, and smile with every new episode! I look forward to the next one, of course, and I hope you take my critique to heart. Also, contrary to what it sounds like, I did laugh to myself quite a bit! Hell, even sitting alone on this chair with no shirt on at that. "MY EYES ARE OFFENDED," got me pretty good.
5 outta' 5 and 8 outta' 10!

OnionsXD responds:

This is just about the single most epic and most helpful review in the history of newgrounds. Hands down.

I bet you could easily get a job reviewing things.

But that aside. About the animation. I did use to much tweening and it was kinda obvious too. What I was doing was trying to imitate my friend Cristo's animation style of using mostly tweens. Now I realize that that only works well with his characters because there shapes. So for future cartoons I'll revert back to frame by frame animation. :P
And about the backgrounds I was pretty lazy with that (it's the worst for me)
And when I started it I drew one giant background, then zoomed into different parts to simulate "different backgrounds" Not only did that make the cartoon lag a bit, but it also does create the problem you mentioned about the space. (I realize that now)

So! No more creating one massive background.
I get what you mean about the script too, how it kinda gets off track and they don't seem to focus on the situation at hand. I think my next cartoon stays more focused though so that's good.

And about the 8-bit sound feel of previous episodes! I used to have this program calledSFXR that generated random 8-bit sounds. I would use that all the time to make sound effects. However, I only recently found the program again (since I had it on an old computer before) So when I made this cartoon I sadly didn't have the program anymore and couldn't get 8-bit sounds.

However, in my next cartoon I got some 8-bits in there. Like this part where Onions picks up the milk with a super duper happy face. XD

About the audience thing, originally I wanted the KOS series to be a teenager/kids type show. but with this I kinda strayed trying to add things adults would find humorous to get higher ratings.
I'm going to go back and make this more kids oriented though. And if I add any adult humor, I"ll make it really subtle. ^^

About the characters. Looking back I REALLY get what you mean that I don't illustrate their personalities quite well. When I write scripts that's just something that doesn't cross my mind much. I'll take note to make that important now though.

but you got it right pretty much, Onions is the main character and kinda stupid and a dork, Kolaskums the one that's always annoyed and pessimistic, and Snowballs the add-on character guy. Besides being smart he doesn't have too much of a extravagant personality. I like to just say he's a well rounded guy (just like his body) :D

The ending part was pretty abrupt and bad. Honestly I didn't know how to end it, since they had no goals or objectives. So that's what came out.

In my next cartoon though! There's an objective though! and the ending is actually my best part. I can't wait to finish it, as I've really taken a lot of criticism and I always realize that I knew subconsciously what's always wrong with my cartoons but I always let my laziness get the best of me and leave it as is.

But from now on, I realized I need to try my absolute best if I really wanna make something good. So I'm gonna try my best to try my best. :P

Thanks again for the help! You super helped me. :D

dont understand

until now there were some very good flashes this halloween but this was my favourite from far so dont understand how people have scored, it deserves 4.00 or more, great flash :D voted 5/5

OnionsXD responds:

Hey thanks a lot! I'm not really sure why it has such a low score. Oh well. :/


I never! this turned out VERY well editted, you did a really great job on this one dude. congratulations on breaking out another wonderful animation! keep up the good work, and happy halloween! :)

OnionsXD responds:

Thanks Stalagmite! It's not seeming to be appreciated by the masses much though. I'm not sure what's wrong. :/

Credits & Info

3.90 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2011
10:46 AM EDT