Antiskill- Balearic Dreams

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- I entered it into the "Ambient Category" because, it is about 50-60% ambient/ chillout orchestral. Its not hard or as fast compared to the Trance tracks in that category.
This track is long i know, but only to create the most immersing experience for you.
Just lean back, close your eyes, relax, and enjoy =]

>>>Side Note<<<
Since this track is so long, I was unable to upload the HQ version. Right now it is at 192kbps. Go to my Main Page for the Link to the 320kbps download on my SoundCloud =]



Actually this was pretty beast, I'm adding it to my "Relax" playlist ;D


Delicious. I think I left a bigger review on SoundCloud, so.. you know. :)

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YakovlevArt responds:

haha you most definitely did!
Thanks for a review on here too =]

Really enjoyed this song for the ambient aspects

The string samples really seemed to complete the beginning melody of the song really well. I surrounding ambiance, and rain samples really gave me a melancholy feeling. I can almost visualize a dark city shrouded in grey clouds, and dark auras.

The driving trance beat really took me by surprise in this song, I was rather impressed by the dynamic elements of this tune! I also really enjoyed the addition of the flute in this as well, very nice.

Things I would change:
- This tune is great, but kind of repetitive; I really found myself wanting something different around 6 minutes in. The changes to the melody were subtle, but I started to feel like the point was starting to get lost. (work on creating that great gradual build up, but try not to forget the payoff :P)
- I would have loved to hear more percs, hits w/ delay, and more complicated rhythms as well

Overall; there are some great aspects to this song, and some not so great ones...
Just try to work out those kinks, and you've got an amazing piece of work here :D

~Dj Sonik

-Review Request Club-

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YakovlevArt responds:

yeah i know what you mean. When i produced this I was just letting go and naturally making a track that i thought felt nice. I know what your talking about "after 6 mins" I really could have done more.I guess I was so entranced by the melody and samples I was afraid to change...
I'll definitely take your advise into consideration.
Thanks a lot for the review!


Really just gives that feel that you have entered into a dream and are wearing a cloak while the rain hits you. A talking cats sits on your shoulder trying to let you know what all has happened to the world since you left it awhile back. Many things have gone wrong and even the highest of powers have become corrupted with greed and sudden hatred.

You roam the world searching for what has caused these problems to suddenly begin happening there and find people beating each other up for no reason at all other than they don't like them for some reason. You hear a familiar yelp at the whore house that had not been there before. You pull out your sword and walk in.

You explore and find her there, that long blue hair, those pale green eyes and your happy face turns to one of sudden disgust as you see a guy trying to have sex with her and remember she promised only to have it with you when you were willing and ready to. In rage you toss the guy out the window and give her your cloak while she takes off the forced whore clothes she was forced to wear and you wear them seeing as you have not much else in choice of what to wear.

Your cat companion giggles at how you look but assures you that with her with you and your friend found that you all can find another cloak and go and stop what is causing the world all the harm as you all walk back outside. You eventually find another cloak yet begin to find the clothes she gave you in exchange to be comfy but stay quiet about it as the three of you look forth to find answers to what is causing all these problems.

The synth is nice and angelic I think. The secondary synth sounds a bit like a wet bass but really nice on the ears. The drums are calming here and give a feel that you can find the answers if the three of you work together the whole way. The storm sounds added give a feel that there is rain clouds all over the city that don't seem to move anymore.

Overall, very wonderful sounding piece and gives a nice story to it as well.

Review Request Club

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YakovlevArt responds:

Awww, wow.
I would not have even thought of a story like that, but if fits well.
I'm glad you liked i, so much so you felt it created a new world.
Thanks a lot for the review =]


I only listen to music so I cannot give u any technical opinion, but there is a way I can support you, with positive comments. I enjoyed every bit and I know your working hard because u put serious effort in keeping in touch with your followers, which is very nice of u :D.

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YakovlevArt responds:

haha, it's fine man. I like just a good comment every once in a while=]

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