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Navigate through exciting levels by "switching" objects in your world and avoiding obstacles. You play as a defective robot who must use his ability to switch platforms to navigate through levels.

I made this game last year for a week long contest in the Stencyl community.

Thanks to Gemini/Ben R for making the graphics!

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got a whiff of your design philosophy on the tenth or 20th level or so and realized you were just trying to be difficult to be edgy.

laughed, wrote this review, and moved on with my life, forgetting you forever.

Amazing game. Great graphics and gameplay.

Beaten your game.

I feel that the difficulty level here is as outrageously bad as the level design.

However the choice of music is great as it sets the mood and actually keeps the player in a calm mood.

I may be the only human alive who has beaten your game. I would not be surprised if I was. I died 174 times. I played your other game, your afterlife game, and I know you got a lot of criticism on that game that the difficulty was too high, particularly in the boss fight. Let me tell you what - if they play this game, they'll get a new, refreshing definition of high difficulty. This game isn't difficult because of the size or the controls - those are both hurdles to overcome, but they're mostly normal and entirely manageable. This game is difficult because the level design is - I want to say atrocious, but the levels are beatable and designed with that clear purpose - the level design is cruel. That's the best way to put it. The obstacles do not necessarily follow a pattern, and sometimes you actually need to wait, and sometimes waiting just makes thing A LOT WORSE, so basically you just want us to die a lot until we figure out how the level responds and then cater to that. That's fine, but I think your game would be a lot better if
1. The obstacles coming off screen had a pattern, similar to the missiles which fire every time you press 'x.'
2. The obstacles actually fired FROM off screen, and not from some floating point in the level which I can crawl close to and just get insta-killed by the spawning projectile. Not a pleasant experience.
3. If obstacles were different colors. I understand it's a factory and you want it drab, and that makes for an enjoyable reveal when the robot actually emerges into a colorful freedom, but the first time I had a triangle fall on my head, it was really annoying, and then when THE EXACT SAME SHAPE didn't behave the same way, instead falling IF I WAS UNDER IT when I pressed "x," that was really, really annoying. So a color to distinguish the two might give me a chance to realize that they'll behave differently.
That's about it. Clearly, bigger would be better, but we all have our limitations, and this game was fine except for the points I identified and the absolutely CRUEL level design. If things were patterns and I could plan for them, it would just be a more enjoyable experience. I'm not asking you to ratchet back the difficulty, because I enjoy difficult games, but when a player builds up an expectation and then that expectation SHATTERS because the projectiles don't follow a pattern (on one level I assumed it was UP DOWN UP DOWN UP DOWN etc, but then it went DOWN DOWN and I died and it was really unenjoyable), then the player just gets really frustrated.
So, decent game, enjoyed playing it (mostly because I beat it), but the level design was so poor in regards to not knowing whether to wait or to go and no discernible pattern, I give it a 3.5/5.

Nice, simple and kinda nerve-racking sometimes

Gameplay & difficulty

Despite the very easy (and creative!) controls the game is getting really hard sometimes. Other times we're just lucky. The levels themselves are not that long, but you better have some spare time, as this is the kind of "trying and dying and trying and dying..." game. You need to gradually learn how to finish the levels with those fast and virtuous tricks. It's easy to get frustrated, but it won't let you leave it until you finish. "After all it's such a simple game, why would you retreat?"

Sounds and graphics

The music is as simple and repetitive as the graphics, but it doesn't get annoying. It fits the game perfectly. The sounds are OK, the exploding mines are refreshing. Personally I didn't have any problem with the small game size, I hardly noticed it while playing (I use the good old 1024 × 768 though).

Need to be improved

%u2022 The mechanics of different objects are not really obvious (what is triggered by you; should you destroy the "boss" more times, or you have to do something different etc.).

%u2022 You can't stop and continue the game and you can't know how much is left. (Both things shouldn't miss even from the simplest games.)

%u2022 The ending could have been a little bit more imaginative (a small punch line or something).

Credits & Info

3.42 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2011
1:07 PM EDT
  • Stencyl