Reviews for "Robichai"

Good job on ( what i assume) is your first game

the game is sound. keep it up


Sadly, everything I have to say has already been said by KupaMan below. Oh well...

Still a great game, though.

Nice Work Cory!

This is a great game, it controls well, looks nice with tasteful colour, it's fiendishly difficult in places, and the music is great. It should be a little bigger though.

Stencyl is nice!

This is a game that is fun because of how simple it is. The graphics are really nicely done in this, especially with how well everything moves. It's just kind of a handicap when you can't jump. There could have been more enemies, but the ones that were there were pretty annoying. I like how everything is presented in such an amazingly clear manner. All the graphics are extremely straight and give off a great sense of organization.

The music is also good and sets the mood well. I like how it doesn't get too graphic with the robot deaths. Of course, this is in such a cute place, it's hard to even think about death. I was a bit confused as to what to do on the opening scene, but then it told me how to advance into the game. It's fun just to see those things go up and down.

Amazing game. Great graphics and gameplay.