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Sealed Fate

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This is my first animation. My great accomplishment of sealitude <3.

We were given the task of creating a 60second+ animation for a Multimedia module and allowed complete free reign on the plot, characters and style. Since this is my first real animation (apart from small clips to learn how flash works) I started more or less from scratch. It was a great and terrible experience. I am in love with the concept of being able to fabricate an entire world from scratch and being able to transfer my thoughts and ideas into such a tangible product. But on the other hand, this is one of the most time consuming mediums I have experienced. That being said, I would do it again in a snap.

The idea came to me while doodling in a lecture (as you do). I drew a seal - a square one. And as a logical next step I drew a club, but I didn't really fancy killing off a seal with a club. A few lectures later I flicked past an octopus I had drawn previously and the idea sprouted in my noggin. I didn't want to brutally murder the seal, but I liked the concept of coupling something so cute with a dark and twisty element. Over about a week I developed my idea and incorporated intrigue, irony and humour into the plot, but was worried it would reach the minute mark. I pushed that worry to the back of my mind and created the storyboard in Photoshop in the style I planned on using.

I did a lot of *cough* market research (spent hours trawling Newgrounds) and took an interest in My Little Pony (go watch it). A lot of my inspiration in terms of style came from My Little Pony - the whimsical clouds and outlining an object with a colour a few shades darker than the fill. I used a Wacom Intuos 4 for the drawing bits, and CS5.5 adobe software. I originally planned on creating the characters in Photoshop - where I am more comfortable than sparkling new Flash, but relented and switched to flash because vector images were simply a better solution. As I animated I surprisingly didn't change my storyline or characters by much - only small tweaks and improvements.

I used motion tweens for the majority of my animation with chunks of frame by frame. I avoided using notoriously buggy bones for as long as possible - but again relented when it was a more elegant solution to octopus tentacles than other things I had tried.

I added the sound towards the end of the process and tweaked my animation to suit. I used Audition for sound editing - which was also a new experience. I learnt a lot but also learnt that I really don't know much at all about the vastly powerful complexity that is every single Adobe product. I'll get there.

To me, this animation was successful - not in terms of the realism of the movement or the perfection of timing but in the sense that I accomplished something cool. I created a world and filled it with things; I learnt more about Photoshop, Flash and Audition; I fabricated a seal that is irresistibly adorable and then deleted him with the use of an evil purple octopus.
I can't wait to do it again.

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A very funny piece, that has some very good drawing and animation to boot - you're clearly one of the better animators from your class and I'd be surprised and a little dismayed if you don't come back with more animations, both over the course of your studies at the University of Pretoria and for fun, when you create "extra-curricular" pieces, judging by the range of stuff that we get on here, you'll be very welcome.

The seal is the part of the animation that you need to work on the most, because I was a little disappointed with the shape of it - I just think it didn't taper enough for my liking and while it had the cute face, I still think that there's room for improvement, even from one so accomplished as you.

You had a very good use of sounds and music, to make this one of the highest class pieces that I've seen, as I've said. There is room to make this longer and give yourself additional things in here, such as voices, but that can be saved for later pieces. If you need voice actors, then there are plenty of places to look, including here on Newgrounds. Those of us with the equipment are able to set up some decent voices and can give you extra things, but it's all to do with what's in your requirements and your design briefs for the submissions you had to make.

I'd like to hear what grade you got for this and where your tutor / lecturer thinks you can improve. Keep up the good work and best of luck with your course.

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Great stuff

Awesome - well done


I absolutely loved it! It was simple - and I loved the ending.. not being predictable.. The sounds and the graphics is very good =)

Nice work

I really like the whole art design of this submission. Every thing was pretty cute from the background to the seal. I also like the whole plot of this movie and the fact that you didn't go something gimmicky and let the seal get away. I was waiting for that to happen, but loved it when the octopus retrieved his rubber ducky to show that it would not be the case. The music and sounds were used wonderfully. Overall it's a pretty good and well made submission. Keep up the good work!

Aw, not nice. T_T

Aww, why did he have to die? Why?! *Cries* S-such a cute Seal. *Sniffles* XP