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Crystal Story Mobile

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This is the Android and Tablet friendly version of the game. Nothing has changed gameplay wise. I just did some tweaks to make it run smoother on phones and other devices that don't have a lot of cpu power. The recommended version to play is at http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/579445

Crystal Story is a turn based rpg that uses a random dungeon generator. You control four characters and configure what skill sets they learn along the way. You can earn equipment upgrades that will help you traverse through Evil Cave by destroying monsters or playing minigames.

Additional Info:
You can still collect medals when playing this version if you're logged in. The medals should appear on the main game page.

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“Android” and “Tablet” only. Curses.


os graficos 4 +as magias 3+a historia5+o save5+as equipes5+monstros4.

How do i play this on my IPad!?

This is my personal opinion for this game and the original non-android version. I may or may not share opinions with others.

Graphics: 3/5
Although the graphic style of this game is the cutey anime style, this may put others off the game entirely as it has a very strong pull towards being a game aimed at children. That said though, the colors used are nice and bright to look at, with crisp outlines to each character of monster encountered. The dungeon backgrounds are also nicely designed in both battle scene and exploration.

Music/Sound: 4/5
I can't fault the music, albeit a little too repetitive, but that's a standard game trait anyway, which there's no escape from.
The music pulled you into a intense feeling when you battle, the dungeon music is creepy at times, Boss music is good as it gives a change of urgency and importance to what you fight, and the Town music suits it very well.
If anything ,the music is the best aspect of this game by far. The sound in this game is adequate, stereotypical at best, but it's put together really well.

Story: 3/5
Whilst the story line is okay, I preferred all the side quest story lines much more for some reason. The story is fine, up until you hit dungeon level 20 and face the Dargon <-- (Not a typo)
After you defeat him, the story withers away and you get given no more quests... and no more structure to the game, it turns from story based into a survival type game... Very off putting to even carry on for another 5 levels... let alone another 30.

Gameplay: 4/5
Very well designed RPG - even though the Dungeon exploration could use some work... Running around screen to screen, time after time, is somewhat boring and you feel a urge to quit the game or just begin the game again.
Though it is designed well, the game requires lots more work on it to get the most from it.
Item names are boring, although some of the ORANGE item names are good, the other items, are again, repetitive... The same item name, just with a different level of power... Boring!

Overall: 4/5
This game is good for stress relief as you wont find any difficulty in playing it, it's what I call a "pick up and go" game, anyone can pick it up and play it without having to know all about it.
If anything, this game is fun... yes!, but I find it gets boring towards the middle to the end of the game and it drags on for a goo 50 dungeon levels.
The Zombie defense is a nice touch to the game, but hard and extreme modes can be VERY stressful.
I also like the Slime feeding, to give you rewards, but a table to show what you feed him to get which item would be nice.

Things to change for a second Crystal story:
* Item names - Make more, and make variations of the more you make.
* Dungeon encounters - Change it from walking into a sprite, to a random encounter.
* Monster HP/ Boss HP - These are FAR TOO LOW!
* Skill powers - Need to be adjusted to deal less damage.
* Magic - Needs to deal same damage, but cost much more MP.
* Item upgrading - Needs to cost a LOT more, as it is now, Shop items aren't worth buying.
* Slime feed - Need a list of which ingredients will give which item results when fed to slime.
* Starting stat line - You gain nothing for choosing a class, I chose a Mage and still hit like a Warrior. Perhaps adding a few stat adjustments when you pick your first skill to choose your class, that would differentiate the classes greatly and give reason to pick a certain skill tree.
Pick Warrior: -1 to Mag, +2Atk
Pick Mage: -1 Atk, +2 Mag... ETC!

That's it, that's my Crystal Story review, I hope you enjoyed it, if you have questions for me then please feel free to message me via inbox.
Until next time, thank you for your patience and for taking time to read my review.