Reviews for "Crystal Story Mobile"

So what devices will it be on?

Android and Tablet, ok, but anything else? I'm hoping for the Ipod/Iphone as well! Should be great, since this is such an amazing game!

I look forward to it!

Lan14n responds:

This version is just optimized for the phone and tablet browser. No native app. Iphone doesn't have flash :(

Missing Something...

Shouldn't this have the same medals available as the original version?

Why don't you sell it over the Android market?

First my little review haha I bet you won't get different comments from the first, awesome graphics, sound, and story. I love the feeling of the game and it's packed with lots of things to do that would keep anyone busy for hours ;)

Anyways, my real point is why not sell the game on the android marketplace? That's what I do, though the coding is a bit tedious and it's different from flash, but you can make it more accesible maybe that way?

Lan14n responds:

I tried porting it using air for android. It produced errors that weren't normally on the regular compile. It also exits randomly.

Oh and I don't want to sell it since I will then have a lot of responsibility on it. When it's free I have an excuse for it not to be perfect :P