Reviews for "Crystal Story Mobile"

This game is great, it's simple and very addictive. For me, this is the best rpg on newgrounds. Good job!

i give u 5 starts because it a good game

I guess here it is again

I was thinking that this looked familiar. I do not have a mobile phone of any kind, so this really didn't apply to me. I guess it has all the same good things and bad things about it as the other version has. People would probably not want to play this version as this is the one that doesn't have medals. It would be kind of silly for you to go through all the work of putting medals in this game again. At least the appeal is the same.

I like how that little green slime is there on the right on the title screen. What also made this cool was how well it was designed. It seems like you really created a nice little world for you to go and explore. The artwork is pretty nice and it gives off a good feeling of smoothness. It's nice to see how you've gotten success with this.

make one for iphoneeeee :D :D

i would think it has ALOT of potential and it would do exceptionally well in the apple store for sure. maybe you could just offer an in-app purchase as a donation so that people who appreciate your work can contribute :) That way there's no pressure to keeping it perfect!


I'm giving you 5 stars, because you deserve them, but i'm only writing a review because... my FILE is missing,!!

I have a theory, could it have been becuase I updated flash player?

Lan14n responds:

Try the other link for the non mobile version. The saves aren't interchangeable unless you manually copy the sol file.

Also clearing cookies and/or cache will delete saves. I don't think updating affects it.