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This is my final for AP animation 3 class. I worked really really hard on it. Hope you guys like it.

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This... THIS, is humor in its slapstick form. A little, innocent child. Thats falls off a slide. Followed by an oops. It made me crack up so much, i watched it about twenty times. I dont care what people think, this is awesome!


MichaelObeton responds:

Man, fells good to be up there with the Awesome series.

ill be honest

i really dont like this please make better videos

MichaelObeton responds:

K, thx.


Random. All I gotta say. Made me lol for the wrong reasons. And boy, AP Animation III? That's a D- XD

MichaelObeton responds:

I got an B-, bro.

Clearly dadaist in nature

This had definitely got to be one of my favorite new works from obeton. both the neo-modernist contentexture and its abrupt violence are clearly eschewed by anyone with good taste.

Alan, the central figure in this tragedy, is clearly a tragic figure. It's impertinent how his fastidiousness converts into thie excellente foraye upone whence ye valley forged lie

he's at chuck e. cheese's, and he's falling off a slide, and it's clear how this represents the struggle of the gay african male to survive in modern America. One can say that the slide is the intended nature by which the military-industrial system has formed a multi-tiered society in which race is the most categorically specific attribute. Alan, while at the apex of the slide: the beginning of it all. He is a young black man but through the interference of corporatist prisoner influences and White Anglo-Saxon Protestants make sure he falls

he falls

we are treated only with the comforts oops.mp3 can provide. alan never arises, doomed to fall again and again

truley a greatte yeckoning, hark, thine wonderlust

MichaelObeton responds:

Thanks bro. I'm sorry that your review got a useless review.

I'm not gonna lie...

I was curled up in a ball laughing so hard because the 'preloader' said "Loaderizing" and even more than that, the really crappy "Whoops" coupled with the really crappy animation that froze midway. and then I see Weirdal365's review and that just made me laugh even more.

But this does not excuse yourself from receiving a score of NONE.

I think you can do much better if you spend more than 15 minutes on it (unless this was an attempt at making awkwardly funny spam. If that's the case, then you nailed it)

MichaelObeton responds:

Tis no spam, friend.
Also, I'm pretty sure that this is a really good animation. Please give me a 10/10.

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1.50 / 5.00

Sep 14, 2011
5:58 PM EDT
Comedy - Original
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