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StrawberryClock's Story

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Author Comments

Happy Clock Day 2011!!

Holy snap, its finally here! :)

Fifen pl0x!

P.S. Seems the preloader is broken. I suck. Right click and press play when the music starts! I'll fix it when I'm not in loooove with all these clock submissions <3

Song: SiCK Mentality by our very own EpicFail! Many thanks to him, go check him out too. He's a clever cat.

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Yeah im with Doctor. Good job getting a flash that should have been blammed such a great score though. No need for further review for this flash is about as deep as a puddle and the rest of the score speaks for itself.

the reason i gave you a zero.

ok the preloader is broken.
the music is HORRID!
this can give people who have epilepsy a stroke
the animation is awful
and the storyline (if there is one) is awful
and who is strawberry clock anyway???
but maybe if you put more effort into it and didn't just throw stuff together and hoped to get an easy 100 i wouldn't give you such a low score.sorry.:)
hell maybe if you had some good music i would give you a 10! but this stuff is just ear-bleeding (and not in a good way) D:
again sorry.

Senmetsu responds:

I didn't want an easy 100, I wanted to not get 0's by adding in scenes, animation, music(I can't please everyone with my choice of music), I had fun colors and had fun making it.

I even got decent review scores and flash scores until recently...

And you want to know who Strawberry Clock is? SC is famous here. Google is your friend... anyway, all I got that was helpful from your review is: choose different music.

Everything else: do better. What if this is the best I can do? Should I just delete my flash program? Very discouraging review.

The song is sick!

Awesome song, but the animation gave me aids

Senmetsu responds:

Yeah, I'm god awful at drawing... thanks for the 4 :)

well then...

i try to avoid giving 0 stars as much as i can but... this just sucked.

broken preloader, terrible animation, even WORSE story-line... pretty bad choice of music for the story, and i usually always give 2 points for effort, but i see no effort in this. i would be surprised if it took you 10 mins+, and at the end, although i know nobody who is, some people have seizures from the flashing lights... have the decency to at least type: notice, there are flashing lights in this animation. sorry, I do hate to give you this score but i honestly see no point in this at all. i have hardly any experience with animating, but i'm certain i could do better than that... so results:

no effort = -2
poor choice in music = -1.
awful animation = -5.
broken preloader = -1.
no decency to at least put a flashing lights notice = -1.
poor storyline = it cant get any worse... but -2 it would have been...

try to improve all of these next time you make an animation... this was just awful.

tl;dr = too bad, read it anyways...

Senmetsu responds:

So after that tl;dr, the only thing helpful I got was: add a seizure warning.

Do you remember the kitty krew's flash? They would use the same preloader, then the flash would be a flashing cock to a cacophony of chaos. I developed a fun storyline, added music, had motion...sure it was all poorly done, but it was done. I could have just had a flashing strawberry clock with a giant dick, but I decided to TRY.

I get 0 for trying? And KK gets 10's for flashing cocks?

-.- All I got from this was that I suck... thanks itblobboy. :( :( :(


How many of you guys did it take to get that score?

Broken preloader, animation was horribly choppy, and it made no sense whatsoever.

Senmetsu responds:

It took 1 guy an afternoon to put this together. I just tossed on the others because they're my inspiration to keep making stuff :)

Thanks for the 0, although I'm not sure you understand the rating system. A flash with nothing in it would get a 0, this had pictures and music and a broken preloader. That took time and effort, mister!

Credits & Info

2.89 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2011
1:01 AM EDT
Music Video

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