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Reviews for "StrawberryClock's Story"

Nice preloader

Oh, I am rather glad that it was not just the preloader, although that would have been nice. The problem with this is that it doeosn't have any sound in the cartoon itself. I can still tell there was some nice effort put into making the preloader. The song can get a bit irritating when it goes on for such a long time. It was also nice of you to have more than just the same image over and over. This is the Clock submission for 2011 that has the highest rating of one I have ever reviewed!

I'm surprised this didn't win Daily Feature. It seems like there could have been more really popular Clock flashes this year. I hope you guys do not dwindle out of popularity because you have at least made some good things. It looks like you guys had some of the best Clock Days for 2011 given your score! You will still always be better than the Kitty Krew.

Senmetsu responds:

Ericho... The greatest honor I've received on NG was having you review this movie.

Thank you for showing support, I am blushing like crazy.

10 just

just for fun

Senmetsu responds:

That's why this was made =)

just for fun!

I find it hilarious

That this has such a high score despite even the preloader being broken.

Senmetsu responds:

That's Clock Day for ya...

You may have noticed, there's a giant "VOTE 5" on the left side of the screen? :)