Golfinho mad

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The flash was created to describe the struggle of an individual, who I believe, is newground's greatest flash artists.

Although a talented animator, with skills that clearly and greatly surpass my own and many(>99%) other animators on this site, his work is often overlooked, even shunned by certain people. People which I would call petty, and thoroughly ignorant of the what the labour of love known as animation is like for a single man.
In creating this movie and others, I have gained a greater understanding of what that is like. And that very experience has fueled my love and respect for this man's talents.

Maybe if they understood this, they would love them too.

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I present the stop motion picture; Golfino Mad.

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The Gurren Lagann bit was genius!

you oncemore make me amazed at how you creat epicness if you put more epicness into this or your last flash this sight would crash from the shear epicness


I simply adore your style of animation. I don't really know why, but this just makes me happy.




Epic as always dude. Epic as always.