Reviews for "Golfinho mad"

Epic tribute

I really hope Golf sees this soon. It's rare to see artist tributes with this much effort and attention to detail. Seriously. You not only reference his style, but have your own style infused in there.

Rather than just some stupidly animated fap loop, you went the distance on this. And as a fan of his work, I have to say ...

Fuck you. Nice job.

fawfulBeans responds:

thnks mang

golfino is the shit


Golfinho is badass ... xD

fawfulBeans responds:

golfino is bad ass motherfucker


i want make part of this city
it's cool :D


I simply adore your style of animation. I don't really know why, but this just makes me happy.

you oncemore make me amazed at how you creat epicness if you put more epicness into this or your last flash this sight would crash from the shear epicness