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BSGEX - Character Roster

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Black Silhouette Genesis
EX - Character Roster

Washington D.C. states that the fifteen listed in this report have been identified as threats to the United States of America. Details provided have been compiled over various sources of intelligence. We have complete authorization from the President himself to locate, capture, interrogate, torture, and execute them and any of their relevant accomplices. Information listed on any deceased individual is relevant in the capture of one or more of these terrorists.

//End Transmission

(c) Exo_Kopaka/Tony Nguyen 2011
(c) Rurutia/Toshiba-EMI 2001

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this one is rare i mean... the artist is rare, you can make big bucks some day by just making this manga true *A* praises, praises for you my friend!! hope those big fat japanese animation studios are seeing this

Amazing Presentation, Music's Sensual, drawings are amazing, it'd be my pleisure to give you hand, tell me if you need anything, this project has to reach the sky high

She's Hot as hell

Wow, this is just plain cool. Everything form the music to the character design to the amazingly animated buttons just ooze style. Really hope you decide to release the final product.


Who the fuck are you!? This is amazing. I've never read a manga before but I would read the shit outta this...

Good god

Marriage is in order... Simply amazing my friend O_o