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Reviews for "BSGEX - Character Roster"

I am intrigued

I hope it comes out soon if it hasn't. I don't wan't to bombard you with questions if I haven't seen it yet.

looking for more

Seed 6

devil's Shadow

May have possible north west Chicago safe house or storage

Intelligence only semi reliable proceed with caution

Amazing artwork.

Not much, but I can't to see how this is going to turn out. The story is sort of familiar but that doesn't seem like a problem. From the beginning it is kind of saying that these people are the guys we should root for, am I correct. I am half-korean and was surprised when the character I liked the most and picked first was korean (Nicholas Park). And his first name is the same as one of my best friends. I decided to search this up in google and I found your deviantart page, it's nice to know this is an original story. I like it, hope to see the rest.

its late where i am

really tired. cant be bothered to read all this.
But the art is so awesome. You get a thumbs up. YAY!