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The Real Legend 4

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Finaly the 4rth Instalment of the Real Legend Saga.
Thnx for the patience and the support of the great actors that provided their voice talent Including
Saphire, Edwyn Tion, Christoffer Morstad, Calculon000, Fp
That I will add to the voice actor section once I remember how to do it :S
In the mean time I hope you enjoy and I recomend to watch Previous Episodes first.

BTW looks like everyone is noticing the ending rush, Sorry bout that it wasnt lazyness the thing is that my pc couldn't handle the file anymore it was to heavy and it kept crashing every 3 minutes so it was quite a pain in the ass finishing it, besides I had a bit of preassure cause I went over the 15 mb limmit haha.

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That fight scene is still the rawest shit I've ever seen

I love how he just went all out on the fight scene in terms of animation. This guy knows how to use his time.

That fight scene tho its scratched my brain in the right spot

The best of it in my opinion has to be the expressions shown throughout these videos. XD

Man it's really hard to say. Between this and the new TRL. I can't choose which I like better. Like the environment for the new one is amazing. But the characters seem like they don't have that amazing expressions like they do with this video. I will say I'm sadden the new TRL doesn't have the original VA for Navi. Like I loved that voice, including how much of a sassy person she was. It just fit for the character, and the design for her compare to the new one. Seems like you went family friendly. xD

Also the jokes seem to be child family too in the new one. xD

Ah, sorry I kinda went on a critic kinda post here. Between this one and the newest video you released. Either way, thank you for releasing a new video. It was good and made me want to sit down and re-watch the old ones.