Reviews for "The Real Legend 4"

Dialogue pacing seemed a bit off, not sure if it was on purpose or not, but otherwise just as enjoyable as the first three. Is this still going on?

Eh, I liked all the pretty animation but I feel as if the writting and pacing have lost their touch. This feels haphazardly put together where I can see where a lot of good ideas where ment to be in there somewhere but there was no time or something. It feels like just a showcase of pretty animation with none of the charm or wit for which I originally began watching. Overall, pretty disappointing. I didn't laugh even once. Such a shame.

lol, i remember that episode of house.

I literaly crack up every episode man you got to do more. two word Funny Awesome.

I loved this nice/funny and the voices were worked on so much more that its easier to understand. This is the Best so far on my opinion. Keep up the good work and update soon i'll be sure to watch it. I'll be waiting. :D