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Riddle Transfer

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Author Comments

Hey, everyone. I've changed my online username. I am no longer JonBro, and I won't be continuing anything that was made with the JonBro name. If you want to see an archive of my older work as well as what I'm up to now, you can find out here: http://www.jonochrome.com



But, why is it titled Riddle Transfer?


It's Super!!

..ok now a walkthrough for people who are needed.
Yeah, likewise, Warning!! Spoiler below!!!!!!

Before you read: This game won't be SUPER hard, so try it yourself if possible, but if you really need help, continue reading. :D

Out of Phil's cell
1.TV Screen to see your cell door's password.
2. Pick up the flush handle of the toilet bowl.
3. Use it to dial in the password.
4.Get out, get into the Recycle room (middle entrance when you come out from your cell room)
5. The papers on the board is "removable". try clicking them in a correct order and you'll obtain elevator key.
6. Nothing else to do in here, go out.
6.2 oh yeah, there's a trick box in there too.
7. Meet the goat, take the creature communicator
8. You don't really need to talk much with him, proceed to the elevator on the left.
9. Insert the elevator key.

Tip: Communicate with creatures with the creature communicator.

Saving Zack (F3)
1. Go to the right, go into the creature room. You'll see a dinosaur. Pickup the hose.
2. Go to F3 and enter the middle room. Use the hose on the drink machine and link it into the trash can.
3. Go back down to F2, then in the goat-man's cell. Pick up the nearest daisy. It's right under the ladder.
4. Go back to F3, enter Zack's cell.
5. Ask him what's the dial code for the door. Hint, his words is just trying to trick you, it's actually really easy.
6.Cell door opened. Use daisy on him.

Saving Phred
1, Once you're done with Zack, Phil will ask him to follow him. Go out and into the creature cell of F3.
2. Use Zack on the wood-textured thing.
3.Pick up the feathers.
4. Go to B2 and into the creature cell.
5. Talk to "Messie"
6. Ask it where do it used to live.
7. Obtain Control room card, now go to B1.
8. Into the control room in the middle using the card on the card reader.
9.Solve the pipe puzzle. It's hard to explain how here, but I can tell you you just need to move a few blocks. The top 3 blocks are not moved through out the solving.
10. Insert the flusher into the hole. Flush when the puzzle is done.
11. Get to where Messie was just now. It'll be gone already when you reach there.
12. Pick up the hat, mix it with feather.
13. Go to F1 and in the creature cell. Give the feather hat to Bigtoe.
14. Obtained Dialpad, go back to B1.
15. Place the pad. Ask Phred for the paper scrap.
16. Snoz stands for 51702. Look nearer, you'll figure it out.
17. Phred saved.

Saving Smiley
1. Get to B1 and into the creature cell.
2. Talk to Yeddy, ask him about his hair.
3. Go back to Smiley on F1.
4. Ask her to hand you the hair spray.
5. Move all the way back and give the spray to Yeddy.
6. Dice obtained. Get back to Smiley and use the dice as number 3.
7. Ask Smiley what's the code again in case you forgot.

Saving Diz
This is kinda like the boss puzzle.
Go to B2 and left twice. Click the guard door and see a cut scene if you'd Smiley, Phred and Zack saved. You have to save them in order to proceed.

1. The door will go crazy.
2. Now go back to the control room.
3. Remember to guard door switch you saw just now? It's beside the pipe puzzle. Press OFF when it opened it's mouth wide. You can try it a couple of times if failed.
4. Get back to B2, go into Diz's cell.
5. Place the creature communicator and solve 4 puzzles. The top right one is quite hard for me. They all won't be too hard, just keep trying and press the arrow and retry if you got it messed up.


Wished that this helps.

Actually I felt that Riddle School 5 is tougher than this.. lol.

Enjoy the game.

Lots of people find this review helpful!
JonBro responds:

Yeah, I didn't want this game to be incredibly hard just yet, because there's going to be four more games following this up.

Excellent walkthrough btw.

Always a fuckin' pleasure :D

I think you outdid yourself with this one!

This game was....on a different level than the others. You've gone above and beyond the call of simple point-and-click games...

My only complaint was I was forced to watch the videos, but it wasn't bad enough to knock ya a star on the review.

Thanks for stepping your game up, the changes didn't go unnoticed.

Btw, loved all the dialogue :)



Just like all of your work, this is just magnificent

10 for Diz

i like him

JonBro responds:

This review is slightly fascinating to me, mostly because it seems that a lot of people have started to absolutely hate Diz after beating this game.

Thanks :D

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