Reviews for "Riddle Transfer"

I haven't played this game since I was like 11 or something. I played it this afternoon and HOLY CRAP is amazing! 5 stars! Fantastic job JonBro!

THIS IS BETTER THAN RS3 (sorry rs3 your second now)
Love Helping The Creatures And Friends.

4516 seconds. I could've done way better than that. I was stuck on that green puzzle forever. I needed the walkthrough for that but nothing else. Still a good game though.

OK, RS5 is my favorite, but this one is really cool, too. I love all the references you put into this, and Smiley looks GREAT with hair. Makes her look more feminine. Overall, great game.

Love this game. I don't know if any one noticed but when you right click on the screen it will say. No cheating on a test. XD Lol jus saying