Reviews for "Riddle Transfer"


Yet brutally difficult. The only way I was able to solve some puzzles was by random amounts of clicking and by process of elimination. This, out of all the Riddle games has to be the hardest.

The Snoz problem was so hard to figure out that I just gave up and looked it up (and it's 51702 by the way).

And there are some moments in the game where it wasn't that blatantly obvious that you needed to click on certain things. For an example, getting the daisy took a while even though all you needed to was grab the one closest to you. I stumbled upon this by pure accident after getting frustrated with game a little and started to click randomly in places. After all, if the rest of the daisy's did nothing when you clicked them, why should that one particular one that doesn't look any different from the rest of them be special?

Same goes for the last room with the four puzzles. 2 of them where incredibly easy to figure out while the other two just involved you clicking randomly until you get it. This isn't the kind of puzzle i enjoy where you can just solve them with a series of lucky clicks.

I think in the future installments you should give people more clues or make some of the necessary objects stand out a little more in order to help make the game flow a little better instead of getting people stuck and frustrated on a single puzzle all while they zoom past other puzzles. There needs to be a balance,

JonBro responds:

I actually thought the Snoz puzzle was one of the better ones, but a lot of people seem to be having trouble with it. I'll take what you say into consideration. More clues for the puzzles, more balance in the difficulty. Thanks!


That was fun, thanks :D

Well its awesome

All that has been said about this game has been uhhh said.....
aaaaaaaanyho im stuck at zacks riddle, i keep running statistics on paper on the code and end up with my head exploding SOOOO many possible choice......
help me out a little, guys......

JonBro responds:

Here's my hint:
It's significantly easier than Zack makes it sound.

Thanks for the review :D

Nice game man

id say everything was easy except the pipe puzzle and the diamond puzzle

God do I love the Riddle School series!