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Fighting Winds *C-Star*

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"Racing over the plains and wind blowing through his hair, he grips his blade tight. Wide eyes and deep breaths, there is nothing but utmost concentration for the task at hand!"

A fun and energetic battle loop. Enjoy!

*Contact me for information about commercial use, and contact me before using this in your game/movie, commercial or not. Thanks! Now get to listening to some music!*

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Title says:
"Fighting Winds".

What I say:
I felt exactly like great winner. I don't even clearly know what I won but leting it play gives me sense as I'm just destined to receive some excellent price into my glorious, victorious hands. Obviously I don't care if someone has managed to spot some imperfect gapes there. I must confirm, that surely didn't had to be over 2 minutes long you know - yet, the very start... Oh I ended up flying as high as a kite! I really do mean it the first way of the song playing itself, happily giggling with your ears is sure its best advantage!!!

9.5/10 ;)

I can feel myself flying through the clouds on my Cube World hang glider or flying across an ocean in Minecraft Creative Mode... or am I only thinking of voxel-based games?




Your music is near perfection, the only suggestion I have is try putting more bass in, without it, it feels a bit empty 9/10


I really like the elements of classical music that you weaved into the piece. To me, it seems that video game music can take on elements from most genres without becoming that genre. Unfortunately, video game music is starting to evolve into almost only rock and techno, so it's great that we still have people like you still using classical elements!