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[Soup] Pico Soup

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Author Comments

Pico is sent to investigate a warehouse, with a little surprise waiting for him.

Join the SoupSquad: http://z15.invisionfree. com/soupsquad/

Krutches (TacoSoup) is the background artist. I did the animation. I think it was a nice mix. This was really a test for me to do an animation which had me drawing characters a thousand times. I think it did pretty well. Happy Pico Day.
-- CannedSoup (Narcissy)

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damn thats brutal

Krutches responds:

One of us, one of us; don't believe the lies. SoupSquad will rise again shortly.


Continue to develop the Soup theme. Its interesting.
Its got good art, animation and OK sound.

I was dissappointed with the very end. I realise that you were going for a noir film, but still...
I would hope to see a more powerful and exciting transformation as the soup becomes a living Soup character. Why does he look so miserable, when being a Soup is surely so wonderful?

Please consider changing this as it could be so much better.

Go Soups!

Dosensuppen responds:

I admit, the ending is rather disappointing. Rushing is helpful to no one. Think this flash as the founding style for the current soup style. If you check the first two Soup flashes, they lacked in design.

I like to believe the Soups evolved from this near emotionless avatars to something of emotion and character now. Taco is an open homosexual and Can is his friend. Though, the others are a bit more untouched.

I will not change this animation, but if time goes on, I will add on to a story. What I done now is what built things up and should be archived as a final product.

It doesn't include anything funny, sorry

You know, flash is getting more and more a question of mainstream.

But now I seriously wonder, what your target was with that one generally.

There's no real scenerio; at the beginning, you see Pico entering some building and that's it. The ending was predictable because of the title, the coup itself is something we've all seen already many times. There aren't any dialogues, and besides the coup there isn't any action either.

The way of animation is poor, but well, for some pico related flash: average - though the sounds were more interesting. But the biggest flaw: It simply wasn't funny at all.

Looking at the animation more carefully, you succesfully combined your horribly poor animating skills with some intelligence / movie culture knowledge. Or maybe you were just lucky. However, let me say that the extra poorly detailed black/white-frames and the camera jumping did their thing. The multiple angles made it look way more interesting and allowed some looks at the background walls with you know what on it. The facial impressions were rather good again, though you got problems with Picos face since there was more to animate than only two eyes goggling around. I also find the last frame (which fades out) somehow strange.

The sounds were fucking bad but surprisingly well placed. You better find some more softer soundset that It doesnt crica-craca so hard.

Also, it was short and you definetly didn't give all frames the same amount of Narcissy-love (okay you're not the only artist). The crinkles on the clothes made me smile sometimes, so keep some eye on that, they're too dark and rather look like blocked arteries.

So next time, don't forget about the humour, avoid clichees n don't make pseudo letters by Tom.

Disappointed, though for a pico flash this is not disappointing. You can do that better right.


Dosensuppen responds:

All true. This flash was more of a way to tell Soup Squad members "I'm willing to work on stuff." This was my first time actually dealing with having to redraw a character as well. I tend to have a hard time getting good sounds, and overall, this was sorta rushed. I understand that the art was not top notched and we plan to get better at it. Clothing I can agree with, and my art, drawing of Pico, is far from good.

However, I argue with a few things you pointed out -- there is nothing wrong with having a letter made by "Tom" in my flash -- it's a parody. Nor do all flashes have to be funny, though it helps.

Now, PM this if you want to answer, how do you mean "Narcissy-Love"? If you're speaking of how I usually try to animate each frame to give it a life effect, such as Truth of Osama, then I agree. This was rushed. Many of the characters, when not animated, appear lifeless -- Taco Soup for example.

However, I appreciate your input, all was noted, and hope you continue to review Soup flashes.


great animation good sound kinda morbid but in a good way

Dosensuppen responds:

It was meant to be, squire.

Nice pico day flash

-Not bad. Not bad at all. I can't say I was expecting this at all. It's better than what I can do but it's still far from being up there with the better animations for pico day. The note next to the preloader is a nice touch to start us off though.

-The backgrounds aren't entirely smooth. They have a gritty feel to them and it fits for this kind of flash. The color scheme of just different colors of gray felt a little underwhelming though. Boxes could have been brown. Maybe some miscellaneous items strewn around. I did like the club member usernames on the walls.

-Animation style gets the job done and isn't too choppy. For the most part runs through nicely. Multiple angles makes it more dramatic. Pico never was able to show any pizzazz though as he was suprised and quickly knocked out. Thus his demise came soon after. Seemed like this progressed too quickly and if you weren't rushed for time maybe a more in depth story could of unfolded.

-Sounds were perfectly placed. The story seemed more realistic with them besides the bat sound. Maybe getting a more muffled sample so it didn't crack so hard. That and the shortness were the two main flaws but i'm sure with more time in the future and practice you'll put out something great.

-Review Request Club

Dosensuppen responds:

Ah, a truly in depth examination of this flash. Everything you said, I agree with. Of course, I feel all the sounds were a bit off. I had to edit most of them. Yes, we were rushed, my BG artist was rushed to make them too. I'm glad they were gritty, however.

I must agree with some of the expressions and lack of character for Pico, but as I said, we were rushed. But, I beg for no pity. I'm amazed how much positive reception I have received when compared to the better artists.

I plan to work with my partner on a new project with a whole lot more time put it in. I think we do a decent mix.

Credits & Info

3.23 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2011
3:02 PM EDT