Dog Bum Chancer

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When Carlos Cenquecento is late for work he takes some rather peculiar measures to ensure that he is on time...


Uh Oh!

The piece of music used in this heart warming cartoon seems to have been removed from NG by the artist, so I can't link you directly to it I'm afraid. Instead I have done the next best thing and co-authored the most recent piece of music by the same artist. If you like what you hear then check him out!

- Turbo xxx

P.S: I'm looking for a decent male voice actor who can hopefully provide some lines by this Saturday/ Sunday!
I know it's short notice but I was thinking that if I can get my arse into gear I might enter the TOFA contest this year (Theme: Create a game show).

So, if your have form and a decent mic and would like to play the part of a psychotic game show host then send me a PM or comment on my user-page with a link to something that will knock my sock off and I will send you the details!



- Turbo xxx

EDIT: Thank to everyone for the votes and reviews and favourites and the trophy and the front-page! And thanks to all the VA's who have been in touch. Auditions for the role are now closed!

Y'know somthin'? You guys are aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllr ight!


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGfqr1Zrkb77w0Tx1EpLyJQ



That was damn funny, wow.

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Did that guy just crawl into a dog's butt? O_O


This was great, really really funny, as it was unexpected. good music, good design, only complaint was when the dog was walking, it looked more like sliding or something. Good job though.

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How deranged

Here's a work that I have to give you props for, because this was quite amazing. The preview image made it look like it was going to be about Sonic. Seriously, how many dogs have blue fur? I loved this because it consistently kept up a large degree of insanity, especially with how it kept going on. I would have thought at first it would have ended with the police firing at him. You even went the extra mile and did the dog butt rape thing again!

The animation is awesome in this and reminds me of the stuff by Bob Clampett and Tex Avery. Granted, they wouldn't be as deranged as you. It's especially great to see how these characters just move around. They truly let their body parts tell the emotions. You just have no idea what's going to happen next and I guess that since I don't have a job, I'm glad the boss got shot.

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Congratulations for creating this story and this character so ramdom and rebellious. One of the best flash I've seen lately.

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Apr 28, 2011
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